I Have So Many Tabs Open Online – All Starting From Pitch

Friday, June 23rd, 2017
09/23/2008 - Dr. Frank Jobe, Tommy John and Orel Hershiser - 2008 MLB - San Diego Padres at Los Angeles Dodgers (1-10) - September 23, 2008 - Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles, CA, USA - Keywords: Dr. Frank Jobe, left, flanked by former patients Tommy John and Orel Hershiser is honored before game against the San Diego Padres at Dodger Stadium. - False - - Photo Credit: Image of Sport / PR Photos - Contact (1-866-551-7827)

Dr. Jobe – the inventor of the Tommy John surgery being honored Photo Credit: Image of Sport / PR Photos

Day 3 of the Pitch-a-thon!

Will we ever stop talking about this miraculous show? I don’t know! But goodness gracious, it is so good.

If you’ve met me in the past week, chances are nearly immediately after introductions I’ve said, “Have you ever seen this TV show called Pitch?”

Also, almost no one has heard of it. Like, I remember thinking the market was saturated – that I was seeing that billboard everywhere. But people don’t say, “Oh yeah, I uh, kinda remember, but no, I never saw it.” They say, “What’s that?”

Nobody knows! How did we all not know? This is a travesty of this world.

To my understanding, MLB was, I guess a producer(?) on the show. I think they were involved in some way. And that was smart! ‘Cause I’m into baseball now!

I’ve gone down this whole rabbit hole of the internet. It’s like, “Oh, what is Tommy John surgery? …I thought Tommy John was just an underwear brand!” And I guess that pitcher played 26 years in MLB – with people all the way from Koufax to McGwire. Dr. Frank Jobe, the person¬†who came up with the surgery had a whole Reddit AMA about it!

In other baseball facts “news” (news to me ’cause I’m just learning it all, but old information in the world), did you know there was a man named Billy Bean who left the majors in large part because he was gay and now he wrestles with if he regrets it, and now he’s the ambassador for inclusion at the MLB!

Also, according to the internet,¬†there was this woman named Jackie Mitchell who struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in one game! And then the baseball commissioner voided her contract and said women weren’t fit to play?! How?!

So, anyway, baseball is pretty fascinating and if MLB wants us all into it, bring back Pitch! I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize. I didn’t know. But I care now! Bring it back. Let me hear more about how waivers and trades work. I’ll pay attention. I’ll go see a Padres game!

Unrelated to MLB, there were also other things I learned like Mark-Paul Gosselaar has 4 kids. What?

Also, I got the sense from Franlkin & Bash promos (which wasn’t all thaaaat long ago) that he was like some youngin’ having fun, and already he’s like the grizzled “old guy” in Pitched? What is life? But then in real life, he’s still sporting his beard (as far as I can tell) and he has four kids! So maybe he is some super grown up. What do I know?

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