My First Game At Fenway! (June 26, 2017)

June 27, 2017

AaagagaggagaghGuh! (Hopefully you heard that as the excited scream it is.)

I went to my first Red Sox game (as the title states)!

I lived in Boston for a while (as you may know) while I went to school there, and I always thought/talked about going to a game, but I never did.

But now, for my birthday (and going off of the super amazing amazingness that is Pitch and my new mini-obsession with baseball related things), I went to a game!

First things first, I passed this info table. I stopped by and they gave me a first game pin! (They even put the date on the back, which is pretty cool of them!) And they gave me a happy birthday pin. (The woman there was so very nice.) Then I went off to a merchandise stand where I bought a hat and shirt, and the man said I was officially in Red Sox Nation now!

I headed to the bathroom and put on my new shirt, and it is the comfiest thing ever! I’m falling in love with the Red Sox a little more every moment.

Then I went to my seat and the person next to me struck up a conversation with me. He was so nice and he and his son knew all about baseball, and had multiple facts to add to my experience.

Then, this older man in front of us overheard about how it was my first time and everything and he was so excited. He loves the Res Sox. He told me he started going to games in 1946!

He was also there with his son (I think – it seemed, at least). And the guys behind me were also father/son.

I wonder if I just happened to be around dads/son, or if that’s a big dynamic throughout the ballpark.

Anyway, it was just so fun. We WON! There were a whole bunch of great plays. And we got to see a rookie have his first hit! (So, we got to see his batting average as 1.000…. it went lower by the end of the game, but it was cool go a hot second!)

I also loved that we got to sing Sweet Caroline.

(Speaking of singing, during “take me out to the ballgame,” I started singing “root root root for the home team,” but you’re supposed to say “Red Sox,” not “home team,” which seems really obvious, but there you have it – learning experience from my first game. (I’m getting it. I’ll get there!)

In conclusion, I don’t know why I never thought of a baseball game as a fun thing to do on a night off. (Maybe ’cause when I lived in Boston, I basically never had a night off – but I did when I was having surgery all the time! I lived within *walking distance* of Fenway park. Such a simple ballpark to get to, and I just didn’t. Crazy.

But, now I have. It was an amazing experience. And happy birthday to me!

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