Will Ferrell Is So Good On The Nerdist Podcast!

June 30, 2017

Nerdist Podcast logo[Blergh bleh bleh I do have some more “serious” posts to get back to. But that’s so boring (and kinda painful and blah). So, let’s just talk about this cool thing first!]

[Also, this is backdated to a few weeks ago when I was in the middle of a 7-day race… I’m not currently in a 7-day race right now. Thanks! Without further ado…]

So, I have been somehow very slowly making my way through 7 half marathons in 7 days and goodness gracious am I catching up on some podcasts!

I recently got a new phone and when it was re-downloading all of my stuff, all of these podcasts started coming in that had stopped their automatic downloads because I wasn’t listening enough. And it was so exciting, because I remember totally loving the nerdist podcast and somehow somewhere along the lines, it just melted out of my life (as, I’m guessing even more political podcasts melted in… I’ve always loved politics, but wasn’t it cool, before Trump, to get to listen to stuff about comedy? Well, that’s what I got to do today!)

So, Will Ferrell is fascinating. I don’t totally wanna ruin it for you, so feel free to just go listen. But basically, he talked about Saturday Night Live and his kinda strategy to take every single role… How sometimes people became so interested in being the “leads” of sketches, that they’d overlook the fact that you get a big laugh off of one line if you had a weird or funny take to it, even if you just popped in and out as a delivery person or something. And I thought that was an interesting way to go about it. Sure, he has memorable characters, of course. But the idea that he tried to become a staple cast-member by being in a ton, whether he had a big role or not, was very interesting to me.

He also talked about how he thought comedy was like baseball because if you hit .400, you’re incredible. I hear people use the baseball analogy a lot about it being okay to fail in life and such, but I’ve never heard it compared to comedy, and that was interesting to me.

He has a hilarious (but also so-much-sense-making) story about telling Lebron James how he could totally be President.

And a whole bunch of other stuff. It was just pretty fascinating. And no wonder he became such a giant star. He’s so likable!

What a great podcast. I’m glad it just appeared back in my life!

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