The Daily Show Is Made Of New Yorkers

July 2, 2017

[Quick disclaimer: I don’t mean that as an insult *at all.* I feel like Jon Stewart was always billing himself as a New Yorker, and he’s spectacular. So, being a New Yorker isn’t bad. And I don’t think I’d usually even think it *might* be meant as an insult, but with all my weird feelings about NY lately, I just thought I should clarify to be super super clear…. not an insult. Aaaanyway back to “The Daily Show Is Made Of New Yorkers”]

I hadn’t really thought about this until I was talking with my friend about the stuff I talked about in my last post, and one thing we covered that I had completely forgotten about –

A ton of our staff was from California! We were just at the end of the first year when I started. Larry’s an LA guy who came from LA, and I think brought some LA people with him.

It was not weird at all to hear a bunch of people talking about going to Cali over the break – whether they were gonna do a show at UCB Sunset, or just see their friends or their agents.

We had some people who had stories of moving, or were still looking for more long-term living situations/apartment because they’d only recently love to NY.

We would talk about LA sports teams, and LA traffic (as any Angelino will do).

Of course not *everybody* was from LA. Plenty of people were New Yorkers. 

But there were enough that I never really had noticed/thought about how “California” our staff was.

And now, there are plenty of fascinating people on TDS who’ve lived all over the world. But, as far as I’ve seen thus far, I haven’t seen that faction of people who’s like “you’re going to LA for hiatus! No way me too!” “Oh, same!” “Yeah! Same here as well!”

And that probably doesn’t matter all *that* much. I mean, who cares where everybody’s going on hiatus? But it was just interesting to me – this thing I hadn’t even realized – that in many ways TNS was a show of Californians (some of whom went back when we got canceled – and some of whom took New Yorkers with them). And TDS is a show full of New Yorkers. 

So, that’s your lil’ random thought of the day!

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