Huh….Soooo They All Just Like Think I Live Here For Real

July 3, 2017

Something that was funnily jarring to me kept happening at The Daily Show before we went away for hiatus.

The people who know my birthday was coming up, and that I always do something new were like, “what are you doing this year?”

And I wasn’t totally sure. The main thing I was really looking into was submarining (which ultimately didn’t happen – in large part because I found what I thought was the perfect place to do it (in Honduras), but it was unavailable for June 25th, but here’s hoping for next year).


Every time I mentioned submarining, people at work were like, “Can you do that here in NY? Where”

And it was so funnily jarring to me as my brain asked (totally not loud), “what on earth – why would I be here for my *birthday* (that already falls on a weekend and starts off a two-week hiatus, no less). Like, I started off looking for submarining (and other fun beach water things) in SoCal ’cause like… where else would I be?!”

But then I kinda realized, Oh.

Theeey don’t see me as a girl who just came from California. To them, I’m a girl who lives and works in New York. To them, I’m a Nightly Show alum (so… a show in New York), and after that, I did another show in NY for freaking 3/4 of a year. Like, if you think about it, I’ve been out here a long time!

They don’t think of my “home” as California. I’m just a New York girl working and living in New York.

Anyway, [*read with super speed because I don’t really know what I’m saying*] time is a weird construct. I’ve both been there forever and seemingly no time at all. It feels like time stopped for me, and I’m definitely living with one foot in one world and one in another and I didn’t see how else my life could be perceived until everyone at the Daily Show saw it that way.

The end

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