Friday, July 14th, 2017

I do still have catching up to do. And I do still have tough posts in drafts – where I just didn’t feel like I could write and I have the bullet points or whatever. And I *do* want to finish up posting them, because I tried so hard to document the struggle as it happened that I feel like I should at least do that – on the chance it helps anyone, and also in that it tells a complete story.

So, you will still be seeing a handful of back posts as I try to finish this chapter all up. But just know the amazing spoiler alert that even though I thought it wasn’t possible, it REALLY DOES GET BETTER. PEOPLE ARE NOT EVEN YANKING YOUR CHAIN WHEN THEY SAY THAT.
And I’m sorry you didn’t have this nice journey in super real-real-real time. But you will have it close-ish to real time haha. And I’ll lay it out in a logical way so people can read it in an arc that makes sense instead of this weird hodge podge that just happens as it happens 😬


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