A Lil’ Change To The Running Schedule

July 17, 2017

So, I know the whole schedule is all subject to change and everything. And I don’t think anyone is super invested in what my final race is for the year.

But for anyone who happens to be interested in the scheduling, I was going to end on not only the Dopey Challenge, but then also do the Castaway Cay 5k on that Tuesday.

So, like a bajillion race medals, ending on a cruise, on the beach, having a grand time. It sounded cool & fun & such to me.

But alas, then I got my job on The Daily Show [*triumphant trumpets sounds and such*] and you know, when you work at a long-running place that already has like 10 or whatever weeks it is of vacation a year, it feels weird to ask for an entire other week and a half. I just feel that it seems a little excessive. So, alas, I’m not gonna go for the big Disney ka-pow, ka-bang ending anymore…

On the one hand, maybe this is a good thing, because it will make it feel more different than my 52 half marathons in 52 weeks after open-heart surgery… I ended that by doing the Goofy Challenge. And, I always said I wanted to go back and do Dopey (since I happened to do it in the final year where Goofy was the largest offering – before the official Dopey Challenge existed). Also, I didn’t do the cruise last time. So, it was going to be “different.” But it also was going to be very similar…

BUT I also had the time of my life last time. So, why wouldn’t I want to do that again?

… But also, it was so awesome, why encroach on a great old memory.

So, alas… I’m gonna pick a different thing and end a different way… The latest day I’m allowed to finish is January 13, 2018 (but I’m leaning toward trying to finish everything out the weekend previous to that). It might be fun to finish on the Star Wars 5k in Disneyland on Friday the 12th… Fridays aren’t that hard to work around when I’m on a M-Th show. But getting to California and getting my packet and all that jazz in time… I dunno…

So, there’s a half marathon or 10k in Death Valley that seems pretty interesting to me. That would probably be fun. I’m leaning toward this Citrus Heritage Run. It definitely feels right to end at home or at home-ish at least in SoCal. After all, one of the charities I’m running for is SoCal specific. And National Parks are nice. So, my guess is, it’s gonna be the Citrus Heritage Run.

I’m taking suggestions and stuff if someone has other ideas. I’m also obviously not prohibited from running a bigger race as a “celebration race” or doing another project of any kind of the future. So, I really probably shouldn’t be too concerned about which race this project ends on. But there was something nice about ending the last one with a whole bunch of pomp & circumstance and fireworks and all that business that a cruise to the beach felt like the fun way to go… But not this time. *shrugs*

I guess we’ll see. I’m sure whatever happens is gonna be lovely! Anyway, onward, onward, here we go!

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