I Follow This Cool Doctor On Twitter

July 18, 2017

This is random, but goodness, do I love twitter.

Of course, if you’ve read the blog, or you know me, you almost certainly know that twitter is super my jam.

One thing that I find cool about twitter is that sometimes I’ll follow someone because I think they have great political tweets, or hilarious jokes, or something like that. And then I later learn that they also have some random interest that I start to find interesting… Or they have a cool job that they retweet stuff about.

And that’s what happened when @cdm7rn, who’s a nurse retweeted @EM_RESUS (which showed up in my timeline).

It is (at least as the interests of my timeline are concerned), the most random account I follow. It’s just a guy who gives all these great little tweets of advice about working in the ER – about working with patients, and how there’s some warmer you can put their blankets in.

I don’t work in an ER. I will almost certainly never use those tips (I mean, unless I become a doctor, and anything is possible!).

But there’s just something so nice to me about this guy just living his life, being the best doctor he can be. I love it. And I love his tweets!

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