It Is Reeeelly Like I Don’t Live In New York

August 9, 2017

[If you can believe it, in the midst of all of my catching up, here is an actual post from this week – a real current one!]

I know that I have talked about my relationship with New York at length – partially because it is exceptionally important to me, and also I used to think it could never change, and it was, to me at least, the *weirdest* part of my life that got turned upside down and seemed like I could not come back from (when it came to the whole assault debacle).

Like, how could my view on the city be changed so much? I don’t know. It’s confusing (which is partially why I’ve talked about it so much).

[Side note, friends who are subscribers. You know how I’m still going through the backlog? Shockingly (or not), there are still some posts about New York in the backlog…. Aaaaanyway…]

And I know that recovery from all the assault/trauma/PTSD stuff doesn’t happen overnight. I mean, I know that. [I literally have a post in the queue about it.]

Yet, I was still surprised when I looked around my life yesterday and thought about how much stuff I put off until I get to California.

Like, intellectually and logistically I knew this. (I’ve even made fun of myself for this.)

But as I sit in my LA apartment (as that’s where I’ve been during this week of hiatus), and I’m checking off all this logistical-type stuff off a list, it seems at least slightly ridiculous that I BROUGHT ALL MY DRY CLEANING HOME just so I could get it down at the “dry cleaners I like.” Like, what?!

It wasn’t that giant of a deal. I was able to fit everything in my carry on. But like, what? New York doesn’t have dry cleaning in the whole entire city? (Hint: it does! It has lots! Even if you don’t wanna lug all your stuff through Times Square (where I live), there are like 40 bajillion different apps you could try.) And my easy solution is to just take it to Los Angeles… (Aye aye aye)

I’ve been wanting to get my hair dyed for 40,000 years. (That’s an exaggeration, but you get the point. I don’t like when it lightens too much.) I prefer a darker brown to the blonde my hair seems to inevitably become with enough time outdoors in the sun.

And I waited and did it while I was in LA. And the kicker is, you could argue that once you find a hairstylist, you keep them… But my hairstylist quit! She doesn’t even work at the salon anymore. *And* the salon itself happened to be closed down for the few days I was there. So not only did I not have the person who’s patient enough to do my hair, I didn’t even go to the place I’m familiar with!

I merely wandered(!) into a place when I was down in Long Beach!

Could I not have easily wandered into a place in Manhattan with just as much of a chance of success?

I waited to give blood until the last time I was in LA. (Lamely, I didn’t have enough iron.) (And I’ll be trying again when I’m here again *next weekend*!)

Oh, and what is one of the reasons I’ll be in LA next weekend again, you ask?

Well, my computer is taking longer to fix than originally thought. And I’ll have to come back and get it, won’t I? Could I not have taken my computer to the Apple Store on 5th Ave or in Frand Central Station? (Both within walking distance of my NY place!)

Oh, oh, I could have, yes. But no. I waited ’til I got “home” to do all my errands.

Funnily enough, I was having some problems with my computer and kept thinking “I can just wait. I can just wait. I can wait until my next LA trip.” And now it’s to the point where it completely won’t turn on. Would anything have been different if I’d taken it in earlier? Maybe not… 

But it just seems a little silly to save this all for when I get “home.”

For one thing, it really procrastinates things in NY. For another, it’s kinda wasting my sweet precious LA time! I might feel like “oh, I’m being so productive!” (And some things don’t take all that long. And I really do love that dry cleaner.) But like, I don’t get to hang out there all thaaaat often anymore. I should be going to museums and hiking trails I haven’t experienced – not getting my hair dyed. Right?! (I mean, to some extent. Also, I can do what I want. And sometimes I just kinda wanna laze.)

Aaaanyway, I’m tangenting, as per usual. The point is, I didn’t totally realize how *out of control* this LA stuff is until this trip. I mean, this is getting ridiculous. People at the Apple Store in NY will fix your computer. (The Apple Store in New York is where I bought my computer in the first place (when I was out there for a hot sec for a temporary job). Aye aye aye aye aye aye 

[oh, ps though, for as long as I live, as long as I am able, I will *never* change my dentist. I’ve been with my dentist longer than I’ve done anything else – had my perfect apartment, went to college, anything… and also he is greeeeeat. So, like, I’m always gonna have at least a liiiiile piece of home, no matter what.]

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