A Cute Eclipse Compliment I Totally Took!

August 22, 2017

This is, to some extent, just a story that made me feel better. So, if it’s too cutesy or lame or whatever, you can not read, ’cause it’s weird for me to have a post just about sweetness and a compliment. But for anybody who wants to feel a twinkle in their heart (if this story helps you feel that), I feel like I’ve been backsliding a little lately. And so, I wanna write about this lil’ story!

When I was having a down moment, I was talking to a good friend of mine about this lovely man I saw for a while whom I’d met through social media (before being assaulted). And I was like, “He told me he just had to meet me because there was something really special about me. He could literally see it in my eyes.”

[Now, is that maybe just a pick-up line? Yeah. But he sounded really genuine and just totally jazzed about my eyes, so let’s just go ahead and believe it’s real for a hot second?]

And before I even asked my friend the questions I wanted to ask – “Do you think the spark in my eyes has been extinguished? Do you think anyone will ever see the spark again?”

He said immediately, “Oh, I know exactly what he’s talking about.” He agreed with the sureness of if you told him someone pointed out trees are green. He gave me such nice little sentences about how there is just this incredible spark of joy and excitement that he sees in my eyes often?”

And I was like, “WHAT? Even still?”

And he said what he likes to say sometimes (which I feel like should be a line on Grey’s Anatomy, but I love having it in my real life). “You are the sun.”

And he was telling me, “It is impossible to extinguish the sun.” [I don’t actually know if that’s scientifically accurate, but I’m going with it.]

And then one of us somehow made a comment, when he was saying you can’t cover up the sun, “oh, well there happens to be an eclipse today” or whatever.

And immediately, he was like, “eclipses pass.”

So, maybe the light’s there, or can be there, or something after all… Who knows. Either way, I really appreciated the sentiment a whole bunch!

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