Oh My Goodness Gracious… HILLARY CLINTON Sent Me A Letter!!!!!!

Friday, September 15th, 2017


Okay, so as you heard, I went to her book signing (because, of course). While I was there, I gave her a letter. It is basically¬†kind of the gist of the back post y’all just got – of being faced with all these decisions and wondering “What would Hillary Rodham Clinton do?”¬†I thanked her for being such an incredible role model. Aaaaand, yeah.

That was Tuesday. On Tuesday, during an incredibly large and busy press tour, I gave her a letter, and by Friday, I had a letter in my mailbox from her. (What?! :-))

(a letter from Hillary Rodham Clinton to Aurora De Lucia)

Do you see that?! HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON is “in awe of my strength and resilience”



Anyway, this is the best.

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