I Don’t Leave My Bed In The Morning Until I’ve Called A Senator About The Graham-Cassidy Bill

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

[This is a backpost from last week, that’s less relevant now, but I think still relevant nonetheless.]

For me, it’s Rob Portman. That’s who I call every day (as I’m sort of, kind of, from Ohio-ish, and I don’t reeeeeally know which senators we are supposed to call and which we aren’t. Because some people say, “Just call Murkowski and Collins anyway!” And others say, “Don’t waste your time or a senator’s time. They’re only listening to their constituents.”

I’d sort of argue that we are their constituents when it comes to a giant national healthcare issue… We’re all Americans, and it’s going to affect all of us. (But, I also do understand that in real life, technically that’s not reeeeeally true.)

Buuuuut we all can donate to their challengers, no matter which state their in. So, maybe they will listen to us. I don’t know who they’re listening to. But I just know I’m calling. One thing I know is whether we consider me mostly living in California or mostly in New York, either way, I’m pretty sure Gillibrand and Harris (and Schumer and Feinstein) don’t need me calling them. (I mean, maybe just to keep tallies up so they have something to say on the floor if they need, but they’re voting how they’re voting (in the right way). And I assume they’re busy, so I wonder, “Eh. Should I bother them, just to make sure I’m tallied? Maybe! But I haven’t been…

So, anyway, I call Rob Portman’s office everyday.

I have a new little rule where I can’t leave my bed until I do it. Wake up. Grab my phone. Call Rob Portman.

I put his office number in my phone from the last healthcare thing. And now he’s always right there in my recent calls. So, it’s pretty simple. I call and leave a message.

Tbh, they’ve been a little rambling lately. “Hey there, Aurora De Lucia again asking you to both vote no and come out publicly in opposition to the new Graham-Cassidy bill. I’m sure I sound tired. I am. Aren’t you tired too? Can we maybe just stop this? Like, could y’all stop putting forth healthcare bills that are so terrible, and also, could you start coming out in strong opposition to them if they are put forth? I know this is so fun, becoming super bffs and all with a daily phone call. But how great would it be if you were’t getting mailboxes full of these? Aren’t you tired? I’m kinda tired… But not too tired to keep calling! I won’t be worn down. I’m certainly not too tired to make sure I donate the maximum to whoever your challenger is in the next election if you continue to make such terrible decisions like supporting these healthcare measures that want to take healthcare away from so many people who desperately need it.” …Or something like that

But I ramble all the time in my day-to-day life. Why would we think it’d be any different when I’m calling a senator?


The point is, I’m calling a senator everyday. I’d encourage you too as well!

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