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  • How Do You Afford 52 Half Marathons?
  • Aurora made the papesThe Expenses of 52 Half Marathons in 52 Weeks
    Part 1 (Whoa – Looking at the Expenses of Registrations & Travel)
    Part 2 (There Was Some Food, Shoes & Lodging Too – (and I Didn’t Need to Travel Quite So Much… But I Loved That I Did! ;)))
    Part 3 (Some Expensive Trips (and Some Foolish Travel Mistakes))
    Part 4 (Lovely People Helping Me Out (Thanks!))
    Part 5 (And Then There Are Photos and Medal Mounts and Such – More Expenses I Didn’t Think About)
    Part 6 (Was It Worth It?)

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  • 52 Half Marathons Was an Awesome and Terrible Idea
  • Aurora holding all 4 of her medals after Goofy ChallengeThe Post Office and I Are Becoming BFFs
  • What Did I Do With the Medals?
    Part 1 (Looking Into the Framing)
    Part 2 (Continuing to Call Around and Get Quotes)
    Part 3 (Now Comparing Stores in Person)
    Part 4 (Laying It Out, Picking the Colors and Such)
  • What Did I Do With the T-Shirts?Aurora lying on her quilt
    Part 1 (An Offer from a Quilt Place I Love!)
    Part 2 (Laying Out the Quilt With the Awesome Quilt Professionals)
    Part 3 (Picking Colors for My Quilt)
    Part 4 (Picking the Finishing Touches & Leaving My Quilt in Good Hands)
    Part 5 (Some Reasons Keepsake Quilts is Awesome)
  • The Quilt Story on NBC4 Columbus
    Part 1 (The Hair Story)
    Part 2 (Includes an Embarrassing Side Story)
    Part 3 (The Interview)

A Few Accolades & Such

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