52 Half Marathons in 52 Weeks – Races

  • Aurora at RnR AZ excited with her finisher's medal#1 Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona
    RnR AZ Expo
  • #2 Rose Bowl
  • #3 Surf City
    Part 1 (The First 5 Miles)
    Aurora smiling coming into Surf City finishTime Limit Confusion
    Part 2 (Crying, Worrying, Rough Times)
    Part 3 (Finishing!)

    Surf City Expo

  • (#4) Palm Springs Half Marathon
    Part 1 (Walking On That Weak Ankle, Baby)
    Part 2 (Not Quite Last & Free Burritos!)

    Aurora on a bicycle before the Tour de Palm Springs

    Tour de Palm Springs
    Part 1 (I Don’t Really Know How to Ride a Bike)
    Part 2 (I Survived My First Cycling Event)

    First Time Couch Surfing!

  • #5 Rock ‘n’ Roll Pasadena

    Pasadena Expo

  • Aurora celebrating her finish at Disney Princess#6 Disney Princess
    Part 1 (The Disney Roller Coaster)
    Part 2 (Nicely Themed Race & Funny Spectators)

    Princess Expo

    Travel Stuff
    Leap Day
    Part 1 (24 Hours at Disney Begins)
    Aurora not wanting to leave Walt Disney WorldPart 2 (Gotta Power Though ‘Til 6am)

    Blue Man Group
    Becky’s Last Day
    I Love You, Orlando
    Odds and Ends from Orlando

  • #7 Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans
    Part 1 (It’s Party Time!)
    Aurora excited in New OrleansPart 2 (Justifying Being Slow :-P)

    RnR New Orleans Expo

  • #8 Rock ‘n’ Roll USA
    Part 1 (Rushing to the Start)
    Part 2 (The Heat – The Hot, Hot Heat)
    David hugging AuroraPart 3 (Meeting Up With One Of My Favorites At The Finish)

    RnR USA Expo

    Washington DC Travel

  • #9 NC Half Marathon

    Aurora in the middle of the NC Half MarathonPart 1 (Speed Walking)
    Part 2 (Going Around the Speedway)
    Part 3 (The Finish)
    Odds and Ends (Showers and Such)

    NC Expo

  • Aurora jumping at the finish line of the Atlantic City Half Marathon#10 April Fools’ (Atlantic City)

    Part 1 (Being Lazy & Getting to Jersey)
    Part 2 (Volunteers & Milk)
    Part 3 (A Post-Open-Heart Surgery PR)

    Travel Stuff
    Aurora with Jared at the stage door after The Book of MormonBroadway, Broadway, How Great You Are (NY Trip Part 1)
    Bright Lights, White Lights, Where the Neons Glow (NY Trip Part 2)
    The Train Is Late, So While We Wait, We’re Gonna Do a Little Dance (NY Trip Part 3)

  • Aurora giving Amber a kiss on the cheek after the Hollywood race#11 Hollywood

    Hollywood Expo

  • #12 Havasu Half Marathon

    Travel Stuff
    The Grand Canyon
    Aurora hiking with others in the Grand Canyon (from the back)Part 1 (Going on a Whim & Prepping for the Hike)
    Part 2 (Let’s Take the Scenic Route)
    Part 3 (We Found Civilization Again!)
    Part 4 (Struggling to the Finish – The Beautiful, Beautiful Finish)

    The Gas Tank on My Ride Back
    view from car stopped on side of road after running out of gasPart 1 (Gas Station? Gas Station? Bueller?)
    Part 2 (Hopping Fences, Getting Gas, and Getting Home)

  • #13a A Run Through the Redlands
    Part 1 (Supportive New Friends & Course Thinning Out)
    Part 2 – (Dogs, Dogs, Dogs)
    Dogs – My Biggest Fear
    Part 3 (Getting Lost (And Getting A Snow Cone))
  • #13b Kentucky Derby
    Aurora running with RandyPart 1 (Morning & Corralling)
    Part 2 (Awesomeness, Rain, And Falling Behind)
    Part 3 (Enjoying The Course, & Catching Up)

    Kentucky Derby Expo

  • #14 Indianapolis 500 Festival
    Part 1 (A Huge, Incredible, Lovely Race)
    Aurora kissing her dad on the cheek at the Indianapolis Mini Marathon 2012Part 2 (Daddy Finishes His First Half Marathon)

    Indy Expo

  • #15 Orange County
    Part 1 (Back to Back Races In 2 Different Time Zones)
    Part 2 (An Exhausted Finish)
  • Aurora spilling water on herself#16 Santa Barbara Wine Country
    Part 1 (Sleepy Girl)
    Part 2 (Animals and Spectators)
  • #17 Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland
    Part 1 (Inclines, Baby & Trying a Pacer)
    Aurora running at Rock 'n' Roll PortlandPart 2 (Devastated After Ruining My Favorite Pants)
    Part 3 (Rain, Supporters, & Clanging Medals)

    RnR Portland Expo

    Trip to Portland

  • #18 Laguna Hills Memorial Day

    Traveling to Laguna Hills Aurora running at Laguna Hills
    Part 1 (Oh, That Whole Driving Concept)
    Part 2 (Picking Up The Car & Getting There)
  • #19 Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego
    Part 1 (Still Mourning My Perfect Pants)
    Part 2 (Struggling Through The First 5k)
    Part 3 (Trying To Hold On)
    Part 4 (Karaoke and Brunch)

    RnR San Diego ExpoAurora posing at Rock 'n' Roll San Diego
    Part 1 (Deena Kastor and Race Pacers Speak)
    Part 2 (Brooks Booth Theme & SoCal Race Series Mini-Rant)
    Part 3 (Fun, Fake Blackjack Table)

  • #20 Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle

    Part 1 (My Brain Trying To Eat Itself)
    Aurora smiling to the side in SeattlePart 2 (Race Photographs)
    Part 3 (I’m Quasimodo of the Full/Half Split)

  • #21 Arroyo Creek
    Part 1 (This Is Really All Just About Michael Jackson)
    Part 2 (Now We Can Talk About The Race)
  • #22 Fun in the Sun
    Part 1 (The Pre-Race Chapter)
    Part 2 (A Dog Pops Out *Shakes Fist*)
    Part 3 (Last Loop & Some Rude Guy)
  • Aurora and Wendy smiling at Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon#23 Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon
    Part 1 (I Forgot My Precious, Precious Hat?!)
    Part 2 (Awesomely, They Provided Some Sunscreen)
    Part 3 (Fun Spectators)
    Part 4 (My Undershirt Becomes My Makeshift Hat)
  • #24 Run Montecito-Summerland
    Part 1 (Thankfulness)
    Part 2 (Fighting To Be Not-Last)
    Part 3 (Mile 7 to the Finish)Aurora smiling while running in San Francisco

  • #25 Seashore Half
  • #26 Wipro San Francisco Half Marathon
    Part 1 (Getting to the Start)
    Part 2 (Letting Loose)

    Aurora right after high 5 at DisneylandBus Ride Home from SF

  • #27 Disneyland

    Oh, and things I forgot to mention in my first post

    Disneyland Expo

  • #28 Marathon Madness
  • Aurora posing at the finish of the Clo-Cow Half Marathon 2012#29 Petaluma Clo-Cow
    Part 1 (A Cool Community & A Cold Morning)
    Part 2 (Lovely Spectators)

    Dave & Dave (and My Trip to Petaluma)

  • #30 Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver
    Aurora De Lucia posing at Rock 'n' Roll Denver 2012Part 1 (Oops! Early Morning Airport Surprise)
    Part 2 (Arguing With The Bus Driver)
    Part 3 (Getting My Packet, Starting The Race)
    Part 4 (The End Of An Emotional Roller-Coaster Of A Day)
  • #31 Emerald Bay
  • #32 Tahoe Nevada
    Aurora De Lucia running in a silly exaggerated fashion at Lake TahoePart 1 (Recognized By A Stranger (Famous Much? ;)) And Running On A Highway Shoulder)
    Part 2 (Encouraging Maria To The Finish)

  • #33 Lake Tahoe
  • #34 Arizona
  • close up on Aurora and Endorphin dude as they bite their medals#35 Long Beach International
  • #36 Oktoberun

    Greyhound Bus Trip

  • #37 Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus
    Part 1 (Loving Making Fun Of Daddy)
    Part 2 (Yep, We’re Still Talking About My Dad)
    Aurora holding up her spirit awardPart 3 (Other Fun Race Things)

    Spirit Award Reception

    Tweet Up and Expo

    Redeye to Ohio

  • Aurora drinking Gatorade out of a wine#38 Healdsburg Wine Country
    Part 1 (Rargh, Rargh, Rargh Rant)
    Part 2 (The Good Stuff Outside Of The Rarghness)
  • #39 Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles
    Part 1 (Fun Strangers, Fun Race)
    Part 2 (Other Great Things About The Race)

    RnR LA Expo

  • #40 Really Big Free Half (Henderson, NV)
  • #41a Lady Speed Stick Women’s
    Aurora De Lucia smiling off-screen holding Women's Half Marathon 2012Part 1 (The Morning Craziness, Part 11 – Aye, Aye, Aye Daylight Saving)
    Part 2 (The Morning Craziness, Part 2 – And Then I Got Lost, Of Course)
    Part 3 (The Morning Craziness, Part 3 – So, Then I Get a Cab Involved?)
    Part 4 (The Morning Craziness, Part 4 – The Surprisingly Welcome Attitude of Those Around Me)
    Part 5 (The Actual Race Post)

    Women’s Expo

  • #41b Santa Barbara International
    Part 1 (Morning Bus Rides & Funny Signs)
    Part 2 (Music and Finishing)Aurora jumping on the Big Sur course
  • #42 Malibu
  • #43 Big Sur
    Part 1 (Signs & Fun)
    Part 2 (A Dog Ran Onto The Course)

    Big Sur Expo

    Aurora smiling with her wooden Wittle Waddle medal at the 2012 half marathonBig Sur Travel

  • #44 Wittle Waddle
  • #45 Half-Bone
    Part 1 (Rainy, Muddy, and Getting Lost)
    Part 2 (Acting Through The Beginning Of My Own Personal Hunger Games)
    Part 3 (I Almost Died! (Part 1))
    Part 4 (I Almost Died! (Part 2))
    Part 5 (My Carpool Buddy Got Injured In During This Harrowing Race)Aurora De Lucia posing at the Ghost of Seattle Half Marathon 2012
  • #46 Ghost of Seattle
  • #47 Amica Insurance Seattle
    Part 1 (Beautiful Weather, Beautiful Start)
    Part 2 (Loving Seattle)

    Seattle Expo

    Seattle travel

  • Aurora at the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon 2012, in front of the Welcome to Vegas sign#48 Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas

    RnR Las Vegas Expo
  • #49 Walnut Creek
    Part 1 (Pre-Race… Sort of Sick-ish)Aurora De Lucia and friends running through confetti at the New Year's Los Angeles at night Race 2013
    Part 2 (The Race)
  • #50 Santa to the Sea
  • #51 New Year’s Race
    Part 1 (Round and Round the Parking Lot We Go)
    Part 2 (High In Safety, But Not Entertainment)

    New Year’s Expo

  • Joey Fatone and Aurora De Lucia#52 Walt Disney World (Goofy Challenge Day 1)
    Part 1 (Accidentally Blew Off Drew Carey… And Met Joey Fatone!)
    Part 2 (Don’t Plan to PR at a Disney Race)
    Part 3 (Finishing & Being Greeted By The Media!)
  • Aurora De Lucia hamming it up for David Baumann's camera crew before the Walt Disney World Half Marathon 2013Walt Disney World Marathon! (Goofy Challenge Day 2)
    Part 1 (What Was The Hubbub About The Weather?)
    Part 2 (Banking Time)
    Part 3 (Mid-Race, & Hopping on a Roller Coaster)
    Part 4 (Wide World of Sports & Mile 20 Spectacular)
    Part 5 (Awesome Signs)
    Part 6 (Getting Closer to the Finish (And I Passed a Bacon Challenge))
    my favorite picture of Daddy and mePart 7 (Finishing The Race!)

    Goofy Challenge FAQs, travel & such

  • Bonus Celebration Race – Rock ‘n’ Roll AZ
    Part 1 (The Smoking Half-Marathoner?!)
    Part 2 (Community)
    Aurora De Lucia posing with her friend J after Rock 'n' Roll Arizona 2013Part 3 (I Wanted Dairy Queen, But Alas ‘Twas Not Meant To Be)
    Part 4 (Greeted Lovingly By My Weekend Host Family)