52 Volunteer Activities in 52 Weeks

  • #1 Art Docent-ing at LERATA Skyline Art/Architecture exhibit
  • #2 Hygiene Kits for Seniors
  • Aurora pulling off wall tiles (square)#3 Do Good Bus (Renovating a High School in Watts)
    Part 1 (Getting on the Bus)
    Part 2 (The Bus Ride)
    Part 3 (What’s the Project?)
    Part 4 (Demolition Time – Part 1)
    Part 5 (Demolition Time – Part 2)
    Part 6 (End of Working Day & Ride Home)
  • #4 Running Cameras at SCaLE (The Southern California Linux Expo)
    Part 1 (Intro)
    Part 2 (Actual Volunteering Part)
  • Judge Aurora De Lucia will see you now (square)#5 Peer Mediation Invitational with Western Center for Justice
    Part 1 (Welcoming Presentation)
    Part 2 (Beginning of Mock Mediations)
    Part 3 (Learning About Mock Mediations)
    Part 4 (Talking About a New Social Media Network)
    Part 5 (Feedback Talks & Tour of the Courthouse)
  • #6 Tree Musketeers
    Part 1 (Choosing an Environmental Activity)
    Part 2 (Digging Out and Recycling Trees)
  • #7 Making Paracord Bracelets at Big Sunday (with Operation Gratitude)
  • Aurora making a face while making paracord bracelets#8 Painting New Homes with Habitat for Humanity
    Part 1 (Aye, Aye, Aye)
    Part 2 (*sings* All By Myself)
  • #9 Sorting Food with the Los Angeles Food Bank
    Part 1 (Arrival and Intro Video)
    Part 2 (Sorting Food)
  • #10 Information Booth at the Santa Monica ArtWalk
    Part 1 (An Absolutely Lovely Event
    Part 2 (But I Have One Rant… (Hint: It’s About Dogs))
    Part 3 (Cupcakes)
    Part 4 (I Feel Good!)
  • #11 Start Line with Marathon Kids
    Part 1 (I Hated Gym… Marathon Kids Benefits Kids Like the One I Was)
    Part 2 (What Is Marathon Kids? And the Beginning of Our Day)
    Part 3 (I Had No Idea What Excited Kids Are Like…)
    Part 4 (I Gotta Be More Careful How I Treat Females)
    Part 5 (Nice People… And Some of the Day’s Obstacles)
    Part 6 (A Small Problem I Probably Should’ve Foreseen)
  • #12 Feeding People on Skid Row
    Part 1 (The Oddest Event Yet)
    Part 2 (Coach Ron – The One and Only)
  • Aurora posing at the Fight for Air Stair climb#13 Fight for Air Stair Climb
    Part 1 (Jumping in with Both Feet)
    Part 2 (I Don’t Have a Blue Shirt, but It’s All Good)
    Part 3 (Getting Supplies to the Roof!)
    Part 4 (I Got a Blue Shirt, and I Felt Like a Princess)
  • #14 Face Painting at the Create Now Book Fair
  • #15 California Jazz Foundation’s Give the Band a Hand
    Part 1 (No Volunteer Coordinator)
    Part 2 (What Are We Doing? And Where Is Everybody?)
    Part 3 (Make It Work)
    Part 4 (Silent Auction and End of the Night)
  • #16 Mega-Blok Booth at Ability First’s Stroll and Roll
  • Aurora posing as a silent audtion runner#17 Hope University’s Under the Big Top Gala
    Part 1 (Oh So Organized)
    Part 2 (Auction Items Running & Super Fun Night)
  • #18 Heart of the City 5k (Finisher Food)
    Part 1 (Making Sandwiches)
    Part 2 (And Moving Those Sandwiches)
  • #19 Making Care Packages with Operation Gratitude
    Part 1 (Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Finding My Place in a Huge Operation)
    Part 2 (Having a Great Time Filling Boxes)
  • Aurora holding the goalball#20 Goalball Retreiver at the Junior Blind Olympics
    Part 1 (What is the Junior Blind Olympics?)
    Part 2 (What is Goalball?)
    Part 3 (Checking In and Day Beginning)
    Part 4 (Ball Retriever? No? Wait, Ye-yeah! Ball Retriever)
    Part 5 (Morning Learning Experiences (and Limited Lunch Choices))
    Part 6 (Coaching a Little)
  • #21 Miles for Melanoma 5k (Shuttle Bus Helper)
  • Aurora standing in front of Super Cool Creamery tent uncropped#22 A Window Between World’s Art in the Afternoon
    Part 1 (The Event)
    Part 2 (What is Super Cool Creamery?)
    Part 3 (Why Did We Take Tickets If No Other Food Place Did?)
    Part 4 (My Brain Got a Workout)
  • #23 Reading to Kids
    Part 1 (Orientation and Such)
    Part 2 (Reading and Craft Time)
    Part 3 (The Little Girl Who Made the Morning and Helped Teach Me)
  • #24a AIDs Project Los Angeles S.T.A.G.E. (Southland Theatre Artists Goodwill Event)
    Part 1 (They’re More Than Fully Staffed)
    Part 2 (Nothing To Do)
  • #24b Technology Fair for Older Adults
    Part 1 (We Were Treated Like Princesses!)
    Part 2 (What Our Students Were Like)
  • Aurora doing the color shaking dance with a little girl#25 Girls on the Run 5k (Happy Hair Station)
    Part 1 (My Original Conflicted Thoughts On Working Happy Hair)
    Part 2 (Setting Up The Happy Hair Station)
    Part 3 (Am I Budgeting My Time Correctly Here?)
    Part 4 (Success (and Yay for Anosmia))
  • #26 Venice Art Walk
  • Aurora smiling huge while opening a box#27 Trash for Teaching
    Part 1 (What’s Trash for Teaching? And Unboxing Stuff)
    Part 2 (Letting the Kids Problem Solve)
    Part 3 (Letting Down My Gender! (Sorry Women))
    Part 4 (…But Mia’s Picking Up That Slack, Making Our Gender Proud)
  • #28 Walk to Cure Arthritis
    Part 1 (Being a Medical Volunteer)
    Part 2 (Helping With Ideas for Next Year’s Medical Tent
    Part 3 (What The Day Was Like)
  • (A few slip ups ’til we get to real 29)
    #29a AIDS LifeCycle Finish Line
    #29b Santa Monica Festival
    #29c Downtown LA Night Market (HRC booth)
  • (The real #29 !)
    #29d Los Angeles Ukulele Festival
  • #30 Proyecto Pastoral Women’s Conference
  • #31 Freedom From Fractures
  • #32 Photographing Cozi’s Improv Show
  • #33 Kidspace Children’s Museum Pirate Adventure
  • #34 Hollywood Arts Council’s Children’s Festival of the Arts
  • #35 Los Angeles Brain Tumor Walk
  • #36 Striking with IATSE
  • #37 Long Beach Marathon Expo Bib Pickup
  • #38 Dining in the Dark
  • #39 Long Beach 5k Medals
  • #40 Long Beach Opera Fundraiser Set-Up
  • #41 Food Forward Farmers’ Market
  • #42 Ushering for A or B (A New Play)
  • #43 Tree Mapping
  • #44 Flat Stanley
  • #45 – #52 finished, but coming soon. (They’ve been put on the back-burner ’cause we’ve been talking about Let’s Make a Deal