About Aurora

Aurora smiling huge while opening a boxAurora enjoys long walks on the beach. Not really. She doesn’t know how to swim, is afraid of animals, and does her best to avoid the sun at all costs.

She does enjoy ‘70s sitcoms, running marathons, and playing Scrabble.

Every year she tries at least one new thing. Examples: Flying trapeze, SkyRobics, hot air ballooning, shooting a gun, and more.

She totally adores game shows, having won a car on The Price is Right and having gotten zonked on Let’s Make a Deal (wah wah). (She dreams of going on Wheel of Fortune next.)

She plays a mean saxophone, having studied at Berklee College of Music (Major: Music Production & Engineering).

She’s a member of Actors’ Equity Association, IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees), The Motion Picture Editors Guild, Producers Guild of America, and Mensa. (All in a days work of trying to build an empire. :-))

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