Aurora In The Media

I’ve gotten a little attention here and there (*little hair flip, if I do say so myself* ;)) (xoxo)

National News (TV):

Women's Running Magazine with Aurora's articleWomen’s Running
I haven’t found a link to the article (sorry!), so here is a photo and my blog post about it.

And here’s a photo Aurora with her article in Mensa Magazinefrom Mensa’s Magazine (the Mensa Bulletin) (article also not found online)



Local News (TV):

Local Newspaper Articles:
Lake Tahoe News3 Tahoe Half Marathons Help Runner Complete 52 in a Year
(By Jessie Marchesseau, September 28, 2012)

Tahoe Daily TribuneSeeking Equality in 52 Marathons In As Many Weeks
(By Becky Regan, September 29, 2012)

Today’s News Herald – Havasu News “Runner Runs Havasu To Reach 52 Half-Marathon Goal
(By Jackie Leatherman, April 14, 2012)

The Rendezvous Show (a two-parter): Here’s part 1 and part 2.
(from mid-2013, interviewed by Brian Katala. I wrote a blog post on it here.)

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