Aurora In The Media

I’ve gotten a little attention here and there (*little hair flip, if I do say so myself* ;)) (xoxo)

National News (TV):

Women's Running Magazine with Aurora's articleWomen’s Running
I haven’t found a link to the article (sorry!), so here is a photo and my blog post about it.

And here’s a photo Aurora with her article in Mensa Magazinefrom Mensa’s Magazine (the Mensa Bulletin) (article also not found online)



Local News (TV):

Local Newspaper Articles:
Lake Tahoe News3 Tahoe Half Marathons Help Runner Complete 52 in a Year
(By Jessie Marchesseau, September 28, 2012)

Tahoe Daily TribuneSeeking Equality in 52 Marathons In As Many Weeks
(By Becky Regan, September 29, 2012)

Today’s News Herald – Havasu News “Runner Runs Havasu To Reach 52 Half-Marathon Goal
(By Jackie Leatherman, April 14, 2012)

The Rendezvous Show (a two-parter): Here’s part 1 and part 2.
(from mid-2013, interviewed by Brian Katala. I wrote a blog post on it here.)

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4 thoughts on “Aurora In The Media

  1. Sharon showalter

    I had the pleasure of meeting Aurora in a hotel lobby in Clearwater, Florida. I had NO idea of her incredible accomplishments until now, reading her blog. Wow! I feel so honored! We were expressing frustration regarding the Clearwater Marathon being canceled due to weather conditions in the South. Never, did she ‘boast’ (hate that word) or mention her fame. She is simply this down-to-Earth, friendly, kind, enthusiastic, strong woman – one to be admired and cherished, really. She runs for great causes – always thinking of others. Her smile, her warmth – infectious.

    The planned marathon day turned out to be sunny and beautiful – too bad for all the folks who had traveled from afar (with huge expenses and major planning as there were no texts / emails alerting participants about the cancellation).

    So, Aurora – I got up the next morning after the canceled marathon and did it myself! (And for you, dear girl!). I thought of you the whole time and was running FOR you! It was grueling with no traffic control, no spectator support, no water stations, no one to direct me on the course – so challenging. But YOU kept me going!

    I applaud your many accomplishments and your concern for everyone – all of your causes – all of your kindness for the world.

    We were simply two strangers chatting in a hotel lobby; you left a lasting impression. You have inspired me and so many others! You go girl! I will always remember you, truly. I will follow your path to greatness on your blog, though where does one go after achieving greatness (as you have arrived!)?

    1. Aurora De Lucia Post author

      Sharon, this is such an incredibly sweet comment. Thank you so much for leaving it. It was lovely to meet you in Clearwater! Hope to see you again at a future race! 🙂


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