Let’s Make A Deal

Below the video you can read a play-by-play of the day, answers to some questions, and more (if ya feel like it :)).

Play-By-Play of My Day as a Contestant

Note: This is more a story of what went through my head & how fun it was to play with my dad. If you want more of Let’s Make a Deal specific details, either skip to part 14 for what the post-show room was like and/or scroll down to read about the first time I went (and didn’t get called to play) to hear about the process of going to the show. (And there are a few more thoughts/FAQs down at the bottom) Thanks!

    Aurora De Lucia tilting her head, smiling a little while on Let's Make a Deal

    (Credit: CBS/Freemantle)

  • Part 1 – Forgot My ID & Relegated to the Afternoon show
  • Part 2 – My Costume
  • Part 3 – The Interview
  • Part 4 – Post Interview, Pre-Show
  • Part 5 – Being Seated and Possibly Slightly Jealous As The Show Goes On… 😛
  • Aurora laughing Sharmine (partner contestant) and Wayne on Let's Make a Deal

    (Credit: CBS/Freemantle)

  • Part 6 – I Won a Hat!
  • Part 7 – I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me
  • Part 8 – My Goal To Stay ‘Til The End Of The Deal
  • Part 9 – Awkwardness & Strategy Behind Taking The Envelope
  • Aurora laughing with pain and Sharmine (partner contestant) on Let's Make a Deal

    (Credit: CBS/Freemantle)

  • Part 10 – Revealing the Diamonds
  • Part 11 – The Banter
  • Part 12 – Revealing The Zonk
  • Part 13 – My Dad Thinks I’m Gonna Be Upset
  • Part 14 – I Thought We’d All Be Analyzing Our Performances…
  • Aurora De Lucia giving crazy eyes on Let's Make a Deal

    (Credit: CBS/Freemantle)

  • Part 15 – My Dad Was Right; I Was Upset
  • Part 16 – Signing Some Papers
  • Part 17 – What Do You Get When You’re Zonked?
  • Part 18 – Am I a Riff-Raff Contestant?
  • Part 19 – Post-Game Analysis
  • Part 20 – Ending On A Positive Note

The First Time I Went (Learning The Ropes As An Observer)

    Aurora, Jaime, and B posing at Let's Make a Deal

    (From the 1st time I went)

  • Part 1 – Pre-Story & Who Do You Take?
  • Part 2 – Costuming
  • Part 3 – The Day Starts Much Quicker Than I Thought
  • Part 4 – The Interviews – My Fateful, Fateful Interview
  • Part 5 – More On The Interview Groups
  • Aurora De Lucia giving a big smile, posing in front of greenscreen on Let's Make a Deal

  • Part 6 – More Differences Between “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right”
  • Part 7 – Social Media
  • Part 8 – Pre-Seating Speech & Getting Seated
  • Part 9 – Do You Ever Wonder Why Sometimes Contestant Reactions Don’t Make Sense?
  • Part 10 – The Main Pre-Show Speech
  • Part 11 – The Taping

Other Thoughts, Observations, & Such

5 thoughts on “Let’s Make A Deal

  1. Anonymous

    I enjoyed the blow by blow of your day! Was always curious about how the behind the scenes stuff went down. Thank you for sharing. Love the show and happy that you got to at least get called!

    1. Aurora De Lucia Post author

      Let’s Make a Deal is the one game show that encourages people to bring bags (so you can keep random stuff, like for the mini-deals at the end) in there! Good luck! I’d love to hear how it goes 🙂


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