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  • I heard that you once did the Single Ladies dance for a silly extra credit assignment in which your teacher was pretty sure no one would rise to the challenge. Can we please see the dance?

    Yes you may!
  • What do you do for a living?

    I freelance in television (mainly in reality TV for the time being). I’ve work on America’s Got Talent, a Project Runway spinoff, and more. If you really care about my day job, you can check out my imdb page.
  • So, what’s your deal? What do you want to do?

    I want to do everything! I want to be creative. I want to always be growing and experiencing cool and new things. I want to expand my knowledge and my view of things in the world. I want to continue to get more fit and take better care of my body. I want to be kind to others, and fight for equality and respect for everyone. I’m excited to soak up life.

    (I’m not all that vague. I have plenty of smaller more concrete goals – but that’s the bigger picture. And things I want to do fit inside that in some way or another.)

  • What’s with you somewhat often using pictures of Lisa Simpson on your (especially older) posts?

    I adore Lisa Simpson. I pretty much want to be just like her. Not to sound weird, but she’s the reason I started playing the saxophone, the reason I joined Mensa, and the reason I have a kneeling chair. And yes, I know she’s fictional. Nonetheless, is there any better role model than that girl?
  • What was your heart condition and what was the deal with your time in the hospital?

    I had Wolff Parkinson White. It’s pretty rare, and of WPW patients, I had a rare case. The extra electrical pathway on my heart was in a really hard to reach place. I had 3 ablations, one epicardial ablation and open heart surgery. I had some complications from some early procedures (such as a blood clot on my heart). I was in the ICU twice. I’m starting a series of blog entries all about this subject (one every Wednesday night/Thursday morning, however you choose to look at it), so I can give you the story.
  • Have more questions?

    I’d love to hear from you! Email me.