I love playing on stage, and I took some classes at The Groundlings. Here’s that story – starting with the Groundlings question I get most often: What’s It Like to Audition for Basic at the Groundlings?

Now the play by play of my Basic Classes:

  • Part 1 (Freak Out, I Passed)
  • Part 2 (First Class to the Midterm)
  • (with some friends from class before a show)
    (with some friends from class before a show)
    Part 3 (Did Jordan Really Just Say I Was Funny? Well, Let Me Just Psych Myself Out Then)
  • Part 4 (I Imploded)
  • Part 5 (Expanding On Some Thoughts From My First Time Through)
  • Part 6 (Starting My Second Time Through)
  • Part 7 (Magical Class 8)
  • Part 8 (Fateful Wednesday (Or Class Nine))
  • Part 9 (Someone Please Chloroform Me Already!)
  • Part 10 (Sobbing in Public. It Happens)
  • Part 11 (Ramping Up to the Final Evaluation)
  • Part 12 (Evaluation Day)
  • Part 13 (Fight for It – “Tell Me Why You Should Pass”)
  • Part 14 (Drafting a Novel on the Plane)
  • Part 15 (This is Great! Wait, is this Great?)
  • Part 16 (The Conclusion of This Series)

I did go on to take intermediate, and I do plan on telling you about it! We’ll get there at some point. (And let me know if you have any Groundlings questions)