My Experience With The BMI Musical Theatre Workshop

I have talked at length about my experience with trying to get into BMI and then getting in. So much so, that I thought there needed to be a page to put a bunch of those posts together. So, here it is. (Also, note: I’m pretty sure I have mentioned BMI sooooooo many times in a random cursory manner in the middle of other stories (e.g. years ago, mentioning how much I wanted it). I haven’t included every time it’s mentioned… just the main ones. So, without further ado:


The Audition Process

Having Just Got In!

My First BMI Weekend!

My Downfall At BMI

Some BMI Thoughts

BMI Post-Script

(BMI coincided with my posts on sexual assault
and the below posts are the ones relevant to that)

 The Missing-Ish Piece of the BMI Story