Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

It is kinda funny to be working here now.

Some people recognize me around here because I’ve been around. I saw them at soccer. There’s one person here I texted with multiple times like a while ago (before I got my promotion on The Nightly Show), because it kept seeming like there might be extra assistant editor work to do here on nights or weekends. That particular thing never worked out, but I think she was well aware (partially because of how much I told her ;)) that I wanted to work here!

I saw people here who I met when I came to a taping. And then there are a couple of Nightly Show alums. There’s even one person I met through a friend of a friend and grabbed appetizers with one night because I wanted him basically to know I was alive haha.

I just wanted to get in somehow to TDS. So I was meeting people where I could. And then an opening fell out of the sky. And it was like, “Oh, that girl who wanted to work here is here!”

And it’s so surreal, and it’s so cool. It was always a bit of a pipe dream, but now it’s happening. It’s really really really happening right before our very eyes.

Life is so weird, right?

I guess potentially what I’m learning in life is just keep working and working and working and then keep working even a little longer than everyone else would or does and then it happens…

So, I guess what that means is expect my EGOT somewhere around 2048?

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017
(Just another Daily Show picture :-))

(Just another Daily Show picture :-))

I just wanted to share a very silly semi-embarrassing story that nobody was even around to see, as I was in my office alone… And yet, I’m sharing it with you anyway.

So, that trumpet (at least, I think it’s a trumpet) that kind of announces The Daily Show’s open… It brings like a Pavlovian response from me. I stand a little straighter and my eyes open wider. It’s just so exciting… The Daily Show!!!

I heard that the other day, toward the end of my workday. And I did the thing where I look like a dog you’re asking to play fetch. And I looked back like, “Is someone watching The Daily Show?”

And then I cracked up laughing, because yeah… Obviously. Of course. We are literally making The Daily Show here. I was working on the show all day long.

I think my fan brain and my work brain haven’t totally melded together quite yet. Because it was so surreal, “Oh my gosh! Someone’s gonna play The Daily Show at work!” ….


“Oh my gosh! The Daily Show IS work!”

Anyway, I thought that was funny and I wanted to share!


Monday, June 12th, 2017
(Just a fun picture I found. Credit: Comedy Central)

(Just a fun picture I found. Credit: Viacom)

Welp, originally they asked if I wanted to work two weeks and hold another two weeks for them.

Then, already, last Wednesday (just my 3rd day in), they started talking about the possibility of full-time.

Thursday, I was told it was gonna happen, everything just needed to be finalized. (And then I had to be quiet about it all weekend!!! *Wide-eyes-unbelievable-face*)

And ta-da! Monday, we finalized the deal. And I’m on the staff as an editor!!!

I can hardly even believe this happened. Like… what?

It was very sweet, even as my supervisor was talking to me about it – telling me she wanted to “welcome me to the family.” I have felt so very welcomed. Apparently, she asked practically everybody here who had even the tiniest bit to do with me, and everybody said to hire me. (So, yeah, I pretty much feel like the belle of the ball!)

It’s a nice group here, and I’m honored and proud to be a part of it.

So, there you have it. The dreams of 16-year-old-me’s heart are coming true, and it is pretty darn amazing!

Friday, June 9th, 2017

I still have things to say about sexual assault and BMI and my time in New York and all this stuff… A lot of it already exists but I’ve been either too sad or too lazy or too “busy” to put in all the final words of my posts and post them. So, I’m not gonna say that you will never hear about the effects of sexual assault or my weirdly complicated relationship with New York. (You probably will – though of course, you don’t have to read when I finally get around to posting that stuff :-))

But anyway…

I’ve said a lot (whether here, or in my head, or to my friends, etc.) that I’m really sad that the sexual assault happened when in my life it did, because all these wonderful dreams were coming true. I finally got to live in midtown on the island of Manhattan. I finally got to work on a political comedy show I was really proud of. And I finally got into BMI. Everything was exactly what I wanted…

Yet, I felt like I didn’t enjoy a lot of it, because I was distracted a lot, and sick kind of often, and just dealing with the effects of PTSD and everything. Barely anything even felt real. It was like I just was numb and couldn’t really feel anything…

And that was one of the saddest parts to me was, “How am I not truly feeling the best time of my life? This feels so unfair and devastating.”

And now… here we are again.

I’m not just living in midtown, I’m living in a better part of midtown! I’m in Times Square – like I dreamed of since I was a girl. I’m also working on The freaking DAILY SHOW – a show I’ve been watching since I was a teenager. And now I’m working on it! And, I (supposedly, fingers crossed), am supposed to get to go back to BMI in the fall (assuming I think I can handle it and that I can actually get out early enough on Mondays at work to make it there).

I’m getting everything I wanted before, just like the potentially even-better-in-some-ways versions.

I’ve talked before about how it used to feel sometimes like New York was kind of kicking me out – how every time I dug my heels in and said I wanted to stay, a show would be cancelled and I wouldn’t be able to get a job, or any number of things would happen, and things would aaalways open up in California. And it’s like, “Dang! The universe seems to really be pushing me out of New York and toward California, like, hardcore.”

And I’d always try to come back, like, “You don’t understand, universe! I’m supposed to be in New York!”

And even when aaaall the puzzle pieces started fitting together perfectly – the dream job, a good apartment, all of that – it seems like it still wasn’t gonna work out.

And yet, here we are. I found practically the perfect apartment. A job at The Daily Show fell out of the sky when I checked my email while in Belgium, and someone had recommended me. The universe that seemed to be kicking me out seems to be welcoming me back in.

Whether I can accept that welcoming or not remains to be seen. Whether it all actually works out now, who knows?

But if I can’t figure out a way to feel happy and welcome and safe and comfortable (and ecstatic) here in New York like this, with this set-up… then I don’t know how I ever could.

So, I guess we’ll see!

Thursday, June 8th, 2017
(The end of this gif is "How dare you? ... Tell us things we already know! ... We didn't pay to drink for this!"

(The end of this gif is “How dare you? … Tell us things we already know! … We didn’t pay to drink for this!”

Ooooooh goodness gracious. I’ve been craving working on a political show again!

And I’m getting it!

The other night on Rachel Maddow, she said, ‘I’m not that kind of doctor, but I’m giving a doctor’s excuse to all of you to stay home tomorrow to watch the James Comey testimony.’

Yeah… At a lot of places, watching the Comey testimony would’ve been a distraction from your work… But here… This was my work!

When I walked into work, it was on in every person’s office. (And I turned it on in mine.) And mid-hearing a producer walked on with the first montage I got to build!

It was a crazy day with montages built and montages cut. But I was just so happy instead of grabbing a little politics while I worked – to have it be all intertwined up together.

I’m really happy here 🙂

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017
(and old pic of me and my new boss :-))

(An old pic of me and my new boss :-))

I won’t just be doing “Days at The Daily Show” posts forever. But I’m doin’ ’em right now!

It is truly amazing to feel just so right at home at the Avid… When I worked on The Nightly Show, I thought I was plenty competent, and ultimately things always worked out. But sometimes I got a little flustered here and there – trying to remember all the little things you have to do before you turn in a roll – but having to do it at the last minute as we’re adding stuff so quickly…

And sometimes being asked questions that it felt like it took me a little too long to figure out.

I was good enough to do the job, but with any job there’s a learning curve and I was in it.

But now, I know what I’m doing!

Even though every single person at The Nightly Show treated me with oh so much respect (and like an editor after I became one), it never changed the fact that I still just was the baby editor. That’s who I was. I was the newest editor still learning. And people were patient and kind and lovely. But it feels a lot nicer to be “the girl who’s done this before.” “Oh, she cut headlines at The Nightly Show.”

It feels good to feel in control at the computer – like I can do whatever it is people need me to do. I can keep up with the pace okay. It’s more like second nature now.

And I just love it!

Until tomorrow…

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

Okay, I didn’t know if I was gonna talk about The Daily Show in real-time here on the blog, but I just wanted to share a story today that tickled me a little.

I’m still meeting people on staff. (It’s a big staff, and I’ve been here exactly one day. So, of course I have a bunch more people to meet.) And in the lunch line, I asked someone for his name and he told me. Then after he asked for my name and I said, “Aurora,” he said, “Are you an intern here?” (The summer interns also recently started.)

And I said, “Oh, I’m an editor.” And he was said, “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry! You just look so young! I figured you had to be an intern.”

And now we’re best friends forever (obviously).