Sexual Assault

Well, this is weird. I never thought for a second this would ever be something I talked about (or felt I needed to talk about) on this blog…

And yet, here we are. I’m posting a lot about sexual assault lately. So, here’s a page to organize those posts. I Will Add To It As We Keep Adding Stories

Assaults themselves

(Yep, I was assaulted (by the same man) twice this year.)

The Big Messy Story Of The Aftermath Of My Assault This Year

Related Posts To My Personal Sexual Assault Experience

Questions That Arose About My Experience

Trying To Figure Out How In The World I Heal/Navigate Life Now

Preliminary Thoughts About Talking About Sexual Assault On The Blog

  • My first post giving a glimpse into what’s going on
  • When I was trying to have the healthiest attitude I possibly could and look on the bright side, I wrote a post that was important to me – The 99% Outweighs the 1%
  • Well, I Guess We’re Talking About Sexual Assault Now
  • And I am soooo unsure how to talk about it
  • I’ve thought about my strong words

Some General Thoughts About Sexual Assault

The Project I Announced To Try To Help