Who Am I? Who, who? Who, who? And Why Do I Blog?

January 18, 2012

Aurora giving a big smile while working with Trash for Teaching
(Picture updated in 2014)

Hey there. I’m Aurora.

I want to do about a million things in my life – become a neurosurgeon, win an EGOT, run marathons in all 50 states, DC, and all American territories in one year, make the world a better place for women (and everyone, really).

I hope to continuously become more of a well-rounded person. I keep many goals, which I’m sure will be discussed on this blog.

I’m starting this blog because I had taken well over a year off from running (which is my favorite hobby), and I desperately needed to get back into it. So, I decided to run a 5k.

One 5k turned into a 5k on both Saturday and Sunday the following weekend. A 10k followed on the weekend after that. I followed that up with a half marathon the next weekend.

Aurora looking to the side and smiling while wearing a big hat (on the CBS studio lot)
(This was the original photo in this post.)

By that point, I was so re-addicted that it just snowballed. I’ve run some sort of running event every week since the first week of December 2011. Now I want to keep running some sort of event every week throughout the entirety of 2012!

But I don’t plan that this blog will stop after 2012. I hope to keep having new adventures, and keep growing every year. This blog will help me keep a memory of all that and share it with you!

I’m sure this blog will have a ton to say about running. But, I’m not going to limit it to just that. This is going to be about trying to live a great adventure-filled life. That will hopefully encompass a lot of different things… We’ll see!

Thanks for reading. Let the adventures begin!

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