Kinsale St. Patrick’s Day 4 Miler

Aurora De Lucia and Jaime Moore after the Kinsale St. Patrick's Day 4-miler 2012My friend Jaime is a rock star. (She’s not literally a rock star – performing on stage in front of thousands of people (even though she is a great singer), but, you know, a figurative rock star – a freakishly amazing person.)

She is around six months pregnant (and still so super tiny), and she did a 4-mile race today! Granted, we just walked the whole thing. But, she kept a mighty awesome, quick walking pace.

She could easily keep a conversation going while moving quickly. I think I kept up with her pretty well, but I definitely had to work to make sure I did! She is fast and fit. She’s one incredible pregnant lady, walking two miles almost every day, eating incredibly healthy stuff, and always keeping a positive attitude.

And she’s so cute. She said she was going to hang the medal in the baby’s room and tell her little girl how they did the race together. Adorable, right?


We forgot to take a picture of my dad right after the race, so here he is at dinner afterward.

Guess who else did the race with us? My dad! If you’ll remember, he did his first 5k ever in Los Angeles a few months ago when he came to visit me. And he’s doing his first half marathon with me in May! And, if all that’s not enough, he’s got a 5k coming up next week. I am so proud of him.

(By the way, I forgot to mention, I’m in Ohio now. I’m just kind of making my way around parts of the east coast, having a grand ol’ time.)

My dad lives about a mile away from my favorite food place ever in the history of the universe – Planet Smoothie! I had some awesome fuel before the race today.

When we got to the race, there was a booth set up by the local radio station. I spun their wheel and landed on the “97.9 WNCI” space, so we got some free swag (t-shirts and movie passes).

The race went through a neighborhood and around a golf course. We saw light beautifully bouncing off a lake as the sun went down.

Neither Jaime, my dad, nor I could figure out why they decided on a 4-mile race instead of a 5k. I don’t know if that has significance to anybody or anything. I enjoyed doing 4 miles, but this was the first 4-mile race I’ve seen. Is anybody out there familiar with other 4 mile races?

cute, pregnant Jaime after Kinsale 4 miler

Look at how cute and tiny she is!

Also, super shout out to M3S Sports in Ohio. I was last minute on this trip/race, and I saw the day before that the race had actually sold out. I sent emails to both contact emails I could find on the website, begging and pleading about how I’m visiting Ohio and I’m racing every weekend, and how my wonderful, fit, pregnant friend wanted to get into racing, and is there any way in this world that there are some secret spots available?

It turned out there were! There were only 10 spots they set aside for I don’t know what, but I know they let us have 3 of them. I guess it never hurts to ask, right? They really made my day by letting us in. (I’m really glad that I was able to find a race that gave a medal in town over this weekend. (I want to do at least some race every weekend this year, but it’s certainly not as fun without the bling.) There was not a ton of stuff going on in Ohio (or even the surrounding states) this weekend, so I really lucked out.)

Most of all though, besides the medal, and the race itself, I’m so very glad that Jaime, my dad, and I all got to do the race together!

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  1. Becky Beckers Sunday, March 11, 2012 at 6:02 am Reply

    I have never heard of a 4 mile race but it sounds like my kind of fun. Your dad looks sooo happy and handsome. I’m so proud of your friend Jamie for getting out there and kicking some preggie butt. Glad you got to see your friend and dad and that you got yet another medal!!!

    • Aurora De Lucia Sunday, March 11, 2012 at 9:34 am Reply

      Thanks! Yeah, it was really fun!

      I’d be up for a 4 mile race with you anytime you want…assuming that’s a distance that even really exists out there in more races… (I googled 4 mile race and it led me to one that goes with a half marathon that sounds super fun!)

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