Hollywood Half Marathon Expo

April 6, 2012

Aurora posing with members of the Run Project team at the Hollywood Half Marathon expo 2012I’m in love! The people at The Run Project, and the project itself, have oh so much of my love.

I made my way around the expo, seeing a lot of races that I’d seen before – which of course I’m sure will happen when someone races every weekend. I’m signed up for most of the races I saw. It’s nice to see the medals out, and to see people getting excited about those races.

So, I’m walking around, jamming to the music that’s playing. (When *Nsync is rocking through the sound system, how could you not dance?) As I turn the corner, there they are – the people of the run project.

They’re dancing too! They’re so fun and excited about life! I met Olympian Jon Rankin. Yeah, you know, just chilling with an Olympian. No big deal. I asked what he was selling. Apparently nothing. He’s jut trying to get people excited about running, and help people pair up with causes.

The excitement at this both is electrifying. If anyone who wasn’t running (such as a runner’s spouse or parent) came to that booth today, I don’t see how they could’ve left without deciding to go to another booth and sign up for a race.

Marilyn Monroe wax figure from Madame Tussauds at the Hollywood Half Marathon expo 2012
Decoration at the well themed expo from Madame Tussauds

When Jon and I were talking about the project and how running can change people’s lives and make the world better, he asked if I wanted to make a video. He said, “Are you in?” (As in R-U-N; Are you in?) Is that genius or is that genius? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure it’s genius! They definitely had me after that. I can’t wait to keep following what they’re doing, and do anything I can to help them out this year.

Running is fun! Running is SO helpful in my life. Unbelievably helpful. Anyone I’ve known who’s become a runner feels happier, has better days, and seems to enjoy life more. Even people I know who started from a wonderful place, and who were nice and happy and fit beforehand, just amplify all of that so much through running. Golly, this is just getting me so excited to run tomorrow!

Let me hop down off my little running soapbox. But before I do, if you’re reading this, and you’re not a runner, I implore you just to do a 5k. Just 3.1 miles. I know you can finish. And you do not have to be fast. As is often heard around the running community, “The last finisher is the slowest winner.”

Running, jogging, walking, whatever you do – getting moving at running events is far too fun to miss out on. And you’re invited! The running community is calling you with open arms that are ready to give you a big hug. Sign up for the race! We’re trying to include you, so please don’t leave yourself out!

Okay, enough of all that business. (Noise of the hydraulic lift of my soapbox coming back down. And, step back onto the ground. And okay, good.)

Tanner and JC presenting Aurora with her Nurse Jackie DVD (blu-ray) at the Hollywood Half Marathon expo 2012
Tanner and JC with my new present

Other expo highlights include meeting Tanner and JC from 100.3 The Sound. They were too funny. (And Tanner’s going to be a famous actor. Keep your eyes peeled!)

They presented me with a free Nurse Jackie Blu-ray disc… Is that how the kids say that? “Blue-ray disc?” That doesn’t sound right. I’m thinking there’s some kind of shorter slang way to say that. Do I just call it a Blu-ray? I’m sorry; you’ll have to excuse me. I was all ready to say DVD as though I was born in 1920 or something.

I also tested out my brand new 52 half marathons in 52 weeks shirt, which was cool. Everyone wanted to be my friend and I felt mighty special. A woman came up to me and said her daughter reads my blog and had just said, “Mom, I think that’s Aurora.” And the mom said, “I don’t think that’s her.” Then they saw my “I love NY” pants and flip-flops, and they new it had to be me! I love that that’s how people know it’s me – an undying, crazy love for New York.

Before you know it, it was time to go home. There’s a 6am start tomorrow!

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