I Am a Marathoner? – Part 9

July 20, 2012

(This was me the afternoon after the race – My sister took it before she and my dad decided to wake me up!)

I know, we all thought this series was over. However, I realized one important thing I forgot to say. Here’s the craziest, best part.

After the race, my dad said, “I’ll do this race next year if you do this race with me.”

Huh – what?

I laughed for the next 3 minutes after typing that, because my dad is too funny! On the one hand, I don’t ever, in my life, ever again, want to subject myself to a marathon on a trail. Nothing against this specific race at all. The people here did an awesome job putting it on. If I was going to do a marathon on a trail, it might as well have been this one. It’s a great trail race – but it doesn’t really matter if I’m in the best trail race on the planet. I knew before this race, and I continue to know after, that I do not like trail running.

However, I have such a super intense desire to see my dad make his way through this race (and climb that root wall, and jump over brooks and fallen trees and things), that I almost want to go through 26.2 miles of trail again. I’ll survive. The level of entertainment throughout the day will outweigh the level of suffering by a ratio of at least 4:1. With my dad on the trail, the day will be about 800 times funnier than it already was. In conclusion, I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen. How do I pass up the chance to see my dad do this race? Too much hilarity is probable. Buckle up for 2013 (probably).

2 thoughts on “I Am a Marathoner? – Part 9”

  1. I will rock that trail marathon next year, baby girl! 🙂 No doubt it will be funny so make sure your phone is fully charged.

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