Spirit Award! (With the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Half Marathon)

October 19, 2012

The excitement in the room at the VIP Cocktail Reception was palpable. What a fun night!

Former Mayor Lashutka spoke. The race director spoke. The people who’d run this race for the past 32 years (ever since its inception) were honored. Six high school cross-country athletes received scholarships (sponsored by Chipotle).

There was an ambassador program in which some Columbus residents went over run the Dresden Marathon (in Germany). And we had Dresden residents, who’ll be running our race, at the reception.

Did you know that the same person has been in charge of the security of this marathon for the past 32 years? He got honored with a replica of the same award given to the winners of the marathon.

The Nationwide Children’s Champions were honored. 25 patients have been chosen – one for every mile except the Angel Mile. They get to theme their miles, and they’ll be out there at the race cheering.

Speaking of people who got honored, I was there as a Spirit Award winner. (What, what?)

10 people (okay 11 – ’cause one was a couple) were picked because our “inspirational stories embody perseverance and strength.” (That makes me sound pretty cool, right?)

Before the reception started, right after we got our packets.

I didn’t even know until tonight that along with our award, we get $100! Thank you, Chipotle (who also sponsored our awards)!

There was this rocking video we all got to watch, talking about the history and positive impact of this marathon/half marathon. Over the years, it’s raised over $154,000,000 for the economy out here.

All the stats were given about the number of people who qualify for Boston, and various rankings of this marathon in various places.

It was a really cool night. It was great to see all these people with such joy and to see people who’d accomplished so many different and cool things. All the speeches and the videos got me super pumped up! I was ready to throw off my heels, and go run 13.1 right now!

So far, I love everything about this race. I love the people who’ve been communicating with me about the Spirit Award and this special reception. I love their social media team who’s been keeping runners excited for months. I loved the reception tonight. I love it all. I am beyond excited for this race… on Sunday.

(Tomorrow, I’ll talk about the expo.)

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