The Postponement of the Vegetarian/Vegan Challenge!

November 2, 2012

First off, I’m sorry if I offended anyone in yesterday’s post, and I’m sorry that I will most likely offend people in today’s post.

I understand that many vegetarians/vegans care deeply about their life choices. and about animals. While I respect their decisions, I’m just not on the same page.

After yesterday’s tantrum, I got quite possibly the greatest email I’ve ever received in my life. The person who put me up to the challenge is allowing me to postpone the challenge. I just have to do it sometime within the next 5 years. And if I don’t, then I repay what he’s donating to Broadway Impact.

I’m not positive if in the next five years I’ll do the challenge again or I’ll pay the money. We’ll see.

Either way, the challenge is off for now!

Homer Simpson Barbecues with BartI went straight to the grocery store this morning and glided through the aisles with my musical theater face on.

I had a big honkin’ cheeseburger for lunch at work. I feel amazing.

Someone wrote me an email saying there’s a book about diet based around blood type. I’m O+. Apparently, according to the book, I’m supposed to be a meat eater. I’m not sure if I really believe in it, but there’s that.

I know that there is some way to do a vegetarian diet correctly, and to be happy while doing it. I didn’t figure it out yet. I did transition from cheese pizza to healthier things such as salads and spinach lasagna. But I still never got it right. I always felt deprived.

People have warned me that going back to meat I might get sick. I suppose we’ll see if I eat my words, but right now I feel phenomenal.

At some point, I will do a post on my decision to postpone, my decision to start in the first place, and if I learned anything.

For now, I just want be quiet and look around with wide eyes. I am euphorically, grossly happy.

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