(#47) Amica Insurance Seattle Half Marathon (Seattle Quadzuki Day 4) (November 25, 2012) – Part 1 (Beautiful Weather, Beautiful Start)

December 2, 2012

Boom, baby! Four in one weekend! It happened!

This was a really lovely race. I was slightly nervous the night before. I set a couple of alarms, and put them out of arms reach so I’d have to physically get up and couldn’t just hit the snooze button. This was the first time I’d done four races in one weekend. I wasn’t about to let anything happen to the last race!

This was the “real” race of the bunch – the official Seattle Half Marathon. It was right in the heart of Seattle (started and ended very close to the space needle). (Side note: The space needle had huge tree-shaped lights on top of it and it looked really cool coming into the city before the sun came up.)

This is the first time I’ve driven myself to a large race in a big city. I left myself plenty of extra time in case of traffic or difficulty finding parking. As I drove around looking for parking, I couldn’t help think, “Where is my dad? He’s the driver in these scenarios!” Not today.

Surprisingly, I found a parking space across the street from the start line. I thought about trying to find a cheaper but farther space, then gave up on that idea because I’d already been driving for a while and I get lost everywhere I go. And you know if you leave the lot across from the start line, when you come back it’s going to be full.

Since I’d left myself so much extra time, I had plenty of time to sit in my car and just chill out, put my bib on, talk to my dad – all that jazz.

One thing I didn’t understand about this race is why the half marathoners started first. I’m sure there’s some reasoning behind it – perhaps having to do with when the winners come in, or who knows. Of course from a layman’s perspective who’s not running the race – (okay, someone who is running as an athlete (and I use that term quite loosely), but not running as in “running the show”) it seemed a bit odd.

Wouldn’t you want your lead marathoners out in front so they never even see the slowest half marathoners? (In the scenario as is, the marathoners passed all of us slow pokes. As much as we all tried to stay to one side, I couldn’t ever help but feel we were in their way.)

But what do I know? And that’s not said in any sarcastic way whatsoever. In all seriousness, what do I know? Nothing about those big decisions. I’ve never been a race director. It’s a long-standing race. I’m sure they have their reasons.

The weather was absolutely perfect. If I could’ve picked my own weather, that’s exactly what I would’ve picked. Not too cold, but definitely not too hot. Not so foggy we couldn’t see, but the sun never felt like it was beating down on us.

Beautiful, beautiful weather with air that felt amazing.

I walked a number of miles with two lovely women (one of whom was doing her first half). They wanted to stop for Starbucks around mile 6ish, I think it was. (I don’t really remember what mile. Somewhere.) There was a Starbucks right along the course, and I never turn down Starbucks (especially when someone else says it’s on them)!

I walked with them for another few miles until we’d pretty much exchanged life stories. Then I left them alone to have their fun best friend time together.

This is where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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