Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Expo

December 4, 2012

In my 3D glasses, yo!
In my 3D glasses, yo!

This expo was rad!

The Sony booth had 2 levels. You got to go upstairs and look out over the expo, which was way cool.

And, they had a 3D video of the course you could watch. What?

This was also the first expo where I’d seen the “Deliver Happiness” truck, which I believe is a charity arm of Zappos that sells really “happy” things (shirts and such with happy sayings).

The Deliver Happiness people had taped out a hopscotch play area on the floor leading to their truck. I love when people theme their areas that well!

There were two races here that really made me want to do them – the Utah Valley Marathon and the Phoenix Marathon.

First off, they both sound amazing. (The Phoenix Marathon has a Michael Jackson aid station. I kid you not.)

More than that, they were competing with each other for who could get the most people to sign up! One of the people at the Utah race offered to get me birthday cake at the expo since it happens in June.

The people at the Phoenix race said I could get in the cherry picker at the end and say things on the mic!

They both sounded amazing, but alas, I didn’t sign up for anything.
1) I’m ready to stop spending oh so much money.
2) I still don’t know next year’s plans yet. Those races are definitely on my radar, though.

Deliver Happiness hopscotchAt the Now Energy Bar booth, I got a whole bag chock full of various bars because I didn’t know who Phil Keoghan is. (Sorry Phil Keoghan.) (He’s the host of the Amazing Race, and he, I guess, is the president of the bar company.

Speaking of bars, I got a free PR bar. Yum! I don’t see that bar everywhere, but when I do, it’s delicious.

I also heard about a brand new race in Texas called the Hero-thon where you dress up and wear capes. Keep that on your radar ’cause it sounds cool.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned that at another another expo I got one of the coolest pens I’d ever seen in my life! It’s from the Hot Chocolate Race Series, and you pull on the side, and the schedule comes out of the pen! It’s really amazing.

It came in handy at this expo. I was at a booth for a race. Someone though the race looked like fun, but wondered if it conflicted with the Hot Chocolate race. Guess what? I knew, ’cause I had a schedule built into my pen! Brilliant, Hot Chocolate company. Brilliant.

I’ve been in and out of love with Lifeproof on this blog. It’s a phone case that is drop-proof/waterproof/everything proof. First I loved it. Then my adapter broke and I gave up on it. Then I got another one, and it saved my phone in the pouring rain in Seattle. I loved it all over again once it saved my phone’s life. Guess what? I’m still on the love train.

Vegas expo big viewAt their booth today, they were sweethearts, and they gave me a new adapter! Thank you kindly, Lifeproof.

Lastly from the expo, I don’t know how much I really believe in the gluten-free diet for people who don’t have celiac disease. I don’t know if I believe it has any real health benefits. I’m also not a doctor, nutritionist, scientist, or anybody who knows anything about anything. So, who am I to talk about it really?

Even in my skepticism, I tried an Udi’s Gluten Free cookie. It was actually super delicious.

After the expo, I went to the pasta dinner! A blog reader got me a ticket at his table. How kind, right?

I pretty much ate my weight in pasta, and did a little interview with the news guy who was there taping the shindig. (I saw the news later in my hotel room, and they did give me a little shoutout.)

Lovely night, and now it’s onto the race!

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