Three’s Company! (The Awesome TV Show)

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

Three's Company Season 3 DVD coverWhew, you’ve all been such lovely blog readers to sit through about a week and half of heart post after heart post finishing out that story. I’m so glad we finished it up, and I hope you are too!

Now, I thought I’d just post about something super fun to break up all the serious-ish storytelling from the blog recently.

So, there is this TV show called Three’s Company. You may have heard of it.

Now, I’m not some daft person who knows nothing about television. (I’m also not British, but I still thought it would be fun to say “daft.”) I had heard references to Three’s Company.¬†(I even mentioned the show on this blog when I was getting two male roommates!) I knew the gist, and I knew it had one of the dopest theme songs* of all time!

(*Unfortunately, the link I included goes to the intro from a season I haven’t seen yet. I couldn’t find one from season 1. Sorry!)

I did not know precisely how hilarious the show was, or how hard I’d be laughing at Mr. Roper. He does something pretty hilarious, but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. (I had to pause the DVR for ten minutes so I could just laugh and laugh. This show brings me so much joy!) [Spoiler alert: I’ll just tell you. He straight up makes these faces to the camera that have me rolling!]

(And yes, I’ve heard that I will lose Mr. Roper and Chrissy! I’m enjoying them while I can…)

If you follow me on #waywire, you already saw the video¬†from a couple of weeks ago when I first saw the show and professed my love for it. [Edited to add: Does waywire even exist anymore? My channel definitely doesn’t. Oh well, either way, I love Three’s Company and you can just imagine me adoring it in vlog form.]

Between treadmill time and cleaning time, I’ve had more time in front a television than it seems like I’ve had all year, so I’ve gotten the opportunity to watch a lot of great TV. Three’s Company is something I stumbled upon in the middle of the night one night, and I loved it. I absolutely head-over-heels love it.

[Edited to add: Since I’ve written this blog post, some people have talked to me about Three’s Company. (I’m certainly not the only one who loves it, so there’s lots of love to share together!) And a really good point has been brought up. A lot of the acting in this show seems to be more for the stage than television. Some of it is possibly slightly over-the-top (ish) (for television), but I think that’s partially why it’s so very lovely! It’s like watching a play that cameras happened to catch. And I love that!]

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