New Year’s Resolutions

January 3, 2013

calvin-hobbes-no-new-years-resolutions-already-perfectMany bloggers (and others) have been posting their resolutions for 2013.

Oh boy, yet again, I’m posting about how I don’t believe in something. Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is say I don’t believe in various things. How does anyone like me?

Go ahead and add another thing to the list of things I don’t believe in! – New Year’s Resolutions.

I am a huge believer in actionable, measurable goals. I definitely believe in writing out long and short term goals. (I like to write them out by hand and post them in my room. (In high school, I kept them in the front of a binder I used daily.)) That way you can see your goals each day, and always know what you’re working toward.

And I believe in checking in with those goals to make sure you’re on the path you want to be. So, maybe there is some kind of place for New Year’s resolutions…But for some reason they seem to so often fail. Every year the gym gets incredibly crowded in January. In March, there are plenty of open machines.

More than anything, I guess I just don’t believe in the whole waiting around ’til January to decide to try and be different. Some people start thinking of resolutions in October – when they could just be changing in October. And some people completely give up on a goal if it hasn’t gone well by February. But they could just try a different approach, try again, or try something new.


I just don’t believe that January is all the different from March or May or December…

Side note: This crazy 52 half marathons in 52 weeks project I’m in almost finished with – (I almost said “in the middle of,” then realized I only have 2 left) – it just kind of happened when it happened. It basically materialized out of nothing, and snowballed like crazy.

I am so incredibly happy that it happened to start in January (and therefore is ending in January). The amount of “top 10 lists,” “recaps,” etc. that were happening in December were overwhelming. I feel like if I had a project that ended at the end of the calendar year, that’d be hard for me (and easy to get lost in the shuffle).

It’s nice to have something in January so I get to push through that slow holiday season, and I already have something going in the new year. Thankfully, a change of a number on the calendar changed nothing for me.

I believe very strongly in goal setting, but not in all the weird stuff that comes along with New Year’s resolutions.

If New Year’s resolutions work for you, though – rock on, my friend!

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