52 Half Marathons: By The Numbers

February 19, 2013

How many times am I going to use this picture in a post? Probably about a million, 'cause I love it.
How many times am I going to use this picture in a post? Probably about a million, ’cause I love it.

States Run In: 13 (+ DC)

(Arizona, California, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, New Jersey, Kentucky, Indiana, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Ohio, Nevada)

Race Miles: 762.90 (That’s the distance from Times Square (in NY) to my old Boston stomping grounds and back – and back again – still with miles to spare.) (The total mileage is made up of: 52 Half Marathons = 681.2 miles, + 2 attempts (I never got swept or quit, but boy did I get lost) and wake up late) = let’s say 16 miles, + Other Races (2 marathons, 3 5ks, and a 4-miler) = 65.7 miles)

Pairs of Shoes: 3 (mainly) I rotated between an old pair of Aasics Kayanos, a newer pair of Aasics Kayanos, and a new pair of Brooks PureConnects. I did throw in a pair of Brooks Dyads for a race or a two, but they weren’t in the normal rotation. (I’ll have a later post dedicated to shoes.)

Injuries: One. (I sprained my ankle on a rock I didn’t see during my 2nd half marathon (which of course was a trail run (and trail runs are the worst!)). Then, I did my third half marathon on crutches. All was well after that. (I did feel sick in December, but that wasn’t an injury, and I powered through (which we could argue wasn’t the best decision and I don’t always recommend that, but I’m alive… Just barely! because… (next line))

Brushes With Death: One.

Series Completed: 9 (Scroll to the bottom of that race schedule linked there to see the list.)

Awards Won: 2 – One for spirit. One for doing more races than a bunch of other people.

Races With My Dad!: 2 – His first, and his current PR.

Pounds Lost: None, really. And I have a post explaining that tomorrow. This wasn’t supposed to be a weight loss journey, and I didn’t try to make it one. I did lose 20 – 30 pounds right before I started the journey. And I did fluctuate within a 10 – 20ish pound range throughout the year with diet challenges, and other things.

Money: Ahh, the big one. I know people are curious how much it cost. And I do plan on telling you, if for no other reason, so that people who want to do this crazy year for themselves can have sort of an idea of what it might cost. But I’m sure the number is kind of on the gross side. So, let’s not talk about it now. Full post on that coming up in the future (probably).

If you have any other questions, please let me know!

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