The “Year of Responsibility”

March 6, 2013

(Picked a picture of a really responsible guy - that'd be Mayor Cory Booker, of course.)
(Picked a picture of a really responsible guy – that’d be Mayor Cory Booker, of course.)

So, this is not my announcement of my next project (which at this point, I feel like I’ve hyped way too much, by the way).

But, this is something I will be focusing on.

I have had a lot of adventure and a lot of fun over the past few years. I’ve certainly had a crazy roller coaster thing going on.

Basically, for anyone who hasn’t been following along, in 2009-2010, it was discovered that I had a heart issue which turned my life upside down. In 2010-2011, I left the hospital having quit school and multiple jobs and having next to nothing (except more fat than I had before I went in). During 2011, I finally got back on my feet financially – got a stable home, never had to worry if I had dinner – all that good stuff.

In 2012, I went nuts and completed 52 half marathons in 52 weeks (I guess probably partly because there was a fair amount of time where I could do practically nothing because of money restraints or health restraints.) I wanted to prove to myself all over again that I could do distance events and that running was fun, and all that jazz.

And now, I’m sort of like, this isn’t totally the way to live.

I mean, life should definitely involve really fun adventures. And I think it’s great to throw caution to the wind sometimes and to live in the now.

But, I have to balance that with at least a bit of responsibility.

I know it’s fun to talk about how much I love Doritos or other bad foods. (And those foods are delicious and fun to eat sometimes.) But, I really need to eat healthier.

That’s just one example.

Basically, I want to start taking small steps to be… I guess more responsible is the right way to put it. More centered, more organized, more well-rounded – however you want to think about it.

And here's one more picture of Cory Booker.
And here’s one more picture of Cory Booker.

I want to begin eating healthier. I want to begin actually training for running events again – actual, real-life training where I do intervals and work up to distances and do tapers and all that really fun stuff that actually makes you better. I also really want to make yoga a priority. I’m not gonna be a yogi or do it all the time. But I have to hit at least one class a week and two or more would be even better.

I want to start working my way out of debt! (I’ll probably do a little post on this later.)

I want to clear out the clutter from my life. You may have noticed I’ve told some stories about cleaning my apartment – finding some things and getting rid of some things. I don’t want a bunch of extra stuff around.

The same goes for my computer. I am horrible at letting stuff just hang out in my inbox forever – and having pictures labeled “photo 1.” So, I want to get everything on here correctly labeled and in folders. I want my inboxes to be at 0. That’s right 0 – and keep them there.

Please, don’t think I’m changing. I’m still gonna have tons of fun. (And of course, being responsible and having less stress is fun in itself. :)) But, I could still easily drive to the Grand Canyon (or Tijuana – who knows?) on a whim. There’s also tons of free stuff to do in Los Angeles. So, I could have fun but not have to go far from home or waste a lot of money.

But, my life has kind of swung way down and way up in the last 3 or so years. So, I’m ready to let things level out and get my body, my brain (my living space), and my bank account all tidied up.

I’m sure I will write posts about various small accomplishments as they happen. So, you’ll get some updates here and there (though the Year of Responsibility will not become the main focus of the blog).

What are some of your goals for this year?

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