Yep, I picked up the BRAND NEW (Price is Right) CAR! – Part 2 (Setting Up Onstar, and Making It Home)

March 21, 2013

Picking up from yesterday, after Tommy led me through all the various features, it was time for my OnStar orientation.

Tommy left, and I talked to the new, fun OnStar guy. He said, “First, let me congratulate you on your 2013 Chevy Cruze. That’s a great choice.” And I said, “I love it, but it wasn’t really my choice. It was Drew Carey’s ’cause I won this car on The Price is Right.”

(Of course, it wasn’t really Drew Carey’s choice either. It was more the producers’ doing, but still. I think the OnStar guy got the gist.)

The guy at OnStar asked me, “Are you serious?!” I said yes. And he said I was the first customer he’d had who’d won her car on The Price is Right. Then, he told all the people working around him. It was cool.

Then, he told me about OnStar, which is cool. They help you in an emergency, and even give you a monthly diagnostic on your car.

Apparently, my Chevy Cruze even has its own phone number, but I didn’t buy any minutes, ’cause I have a cell phone. I have OnStar (for now) in case of any emergency if my cell phone were somehow not available. Why would my car need a phone number?

I mean, it’s pretty cool. But it doesn’t seem wildly useful… But what do I know?

The nice OnStar guy asked if I needed any directions, but I said I’d call back later for directions. First, we had to take 100,000 pictures of the car – and me with the car, on the car, etc.

He laughed and said okay. And that was it for my OnStar orientation.

After that, Megan took a few million pictures of me around the car. (And someone took a couple of Megan and me together.)  Then, Megan had the idea that maybe we should move into the sun to try to get some better pictures. So, we took it for a drive between the parking lots. (And I wouldn’t stop yammering as you can see for yourself below:)

[wpvideo AoCdeUaZ]

I was a little (lot) nervous to drive the car. ‘Cause it’s a car. And it’s brand new. (And I don’t drive very often!)

After we successfully moved into another parking spot without damaging any people or property, we took even more photos.

And finally, we decided it was time to go home. So, Megan got back in her car, and I got in mine – my brand new car!

I pressed the little OnStar button and said I wanted to go home, but I didn’t want to take any freeways. I just wanted the simplest, safest way possible. ‘Cause you know, it’s a new car – which is awesome, but kind of super terrifying.

The OnStar person sent a route to my car. My brilliant car told me before I hit every turn what I needed to do.

I heard a bunch of amazing radio stations. On Satellite, I even got Z100 in New York! So, I drove along just pretending I was there. (But not really, ’cause that wouldn’t make any sense. Why would I be driving in New York?)

Still. It was unbelievably cool.

Somehow, I actually made it all the way home. I told the security guards at the front desk that I’d won a brand new car on The Price is Right! Everyone freaked out, and everyone lived happily ever after.

We’ll be doing more talk about my The Price is Right episode tomorrow… (Oh, Price is Right. I love it SO much!)

6 thoughts on “Yep, I picked up the BRAND NEW (Price is Right) CAR! – Part 2 (Setting Up Onstar, and Making It Home)”

  1. Not sure if you still can, but you used to be able to link an existing phone to the OnStar system and use it that way, so that if you got a call (or needed to call) you wouldn’t have to use the regular phone in the car (kind of a hands free option if you will).

    1. Yes, actually. You still can link your cell phone through a bluetooth system, which I did. And it is awesome. And I should’ve mentioned that. 😛 That was what made it all the more weird that they were offering me cell phone minutes for my car. I couldn’t really think of a super use for that…

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