My Day As A “Price is Right” Contestant – Part 2 (Arrival, Pictures, Name Tags)

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Aurora in line at Price is RightPicking up from yesterday

Zuri (my roommates’ friend (although, at this point, I guess I could say my friend too)) and I went down to CBS studios.

Once we got there, the CBS pages showed us all to benches to hang out for a while – and we got our cool, iconic Price is Right name tags.

I made friends with our neighbor, George – who turned out to actually be Patrick…

On the Price is Right, they make you go by your complete legal first name (off of your photo ID). So, if you go by your middle name of Patrick – today you’re George.

After we got our name tags, Price is Right people took your picture in front of a green screen. (And they put something all Price-is-Right-y behind you.. I think they superimpose the wheel.) You can buy the pictures, but we didn’t.

The first one is a normal, smiley picture. Then they tell you to act like you won a brand new car. In my “brand new car” picture (when it was imaginary and everyone was pretending to win one), I just started pretend crying. I thought that’d be a more accurate depiction of what would most likely happen, rather than just jumping up and down. Little did I know, we’d actually see later on in the day!

At this beginning part of the day, everyone also got a little individual picture taken. I’m pretty sure it’s so the producers can see what we look. (I think it comes up with our number on their iPad during (and after) our interviews.)

(It was kind of like this... only less on the verge of tears... :-P)

(It was kind of like this… only less on the verge of tears… :-P)

I’ll admit, I caught a glimpse of it on the computer and it was a pretty nice, excited picture of me.

As you’ve probably noticed on the blog, I often pose for photos with a huge, gaping smile. Sometimes the photos come out really nicely, and sometimes I sort of look like a fish. Well, this was one of my best (if I do say so myself).

Heck, if I could’ve bought that one, I would’ve thought about it.

So, perhaps that’s the secret, people – nail that photo looking as excited as you can… Or perhaps they never even look at it. What do I know? This is all just conjecture. I haven’t seen the inner-workings (of these somewhat-sort-of-inner-workings that you see from the contestant point of view).

My name tag got a little torn. In addition to your name tags, they give you these pink numbers (and you have to stay in that order all day). You have to attach the little pink number under your name tag. When I lifted up the bottom of my name tag and shoved the little pink number in there, I made a bit of a torn mess out of my name tag. Oh well. It still worked!

smiling ready to hear about prizeAfter picture time, we go around the side of the building. A woman makes an announcement that we can order food if we want. So, if you’re planning on going TPiR, remember to bring food or cash if you think you might want to eat. You are there for about 6 hours.

We opted not to eat. I barely had any cash on me. (And I wasn’t actually all that hungry.) Even though the food from the commissary looked delicious, I was much happier that I didn’t eat.

I ended up on camera! And I’m glad I didn’t have food in my teeth (or a bunch of food wandering around my stomach adding to the crazy nervous feeling I already had onstage).

After you have the chance to order food, you go to the interview portion. And that’s where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “My Day As A “Price is Right” Contestant – Part 2 (Arrival, Pictures, Name Tags)

  1. Barbara

    That is so awesome you won….how fun! Can you tell me the demonstions of the name tag it looks big. Planning on a trip next year.

    1. Aurora De Lucia Post author

      Hey Barbara! I’m in the process of moving, so my name tag is in storage… I will measure it when I get it out in a few weeks. But my best guess now, without truly knowing, is maybe like 7 inches long, 3 tall? I’ll let you know when I know!


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