My Day As A “Price is Right” Contestant – Part 14 (I Won a Brand New Car On The Price is Right!)

April 6, 2013

Aurora De Lucia hugging Drew Carey on The Price is Right stagePicking up from yesterday

I won the car!

Right after I’d guessed 96, I had this horrible flash before my eyes of the possibility of all the money spots filled without the car filled.

Luckily, my next guess was the back of the car… So, I really cut down the possible tension. Sorry, Price is Right producers. But, you’re welcome, heart.

I literally felt like I was in a dream when the back of the car was revealed. I’ve heard people say before that they felt they were in a dream. But, come on? How can you not be present in your reality? And for the first time in my life, I finally felt it, and knew exactly what it was like to wait to wake up – but you don’t have to. Because it’s REAL. It is freaking real, people!

It is a dream I’ve had for so long and pictured hundreds of times while I yelled along at countless episodes of The Price is Right! How could it possibly be real? I don’t know! I don’t have to understand it. I just get to know that it’s true – which honestly, still blows my mind. I’m pretty sure I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever get over it. Ever.

I can’t even – how do I even put this story into words for you?! Every time I talk about it, all I want to do is sob tears of joy.

So, he said I won. I’m pretty sure I’m dreaming. And then a cacophony of thoughts are bouncing around in my head. “Wait, wait, wait. What do people do when they win?! What do people do when they win?!” Do I hug you? Am I supposed to hug you?! ‘Cause you don’t really look like you have your arms outstretched to hug me. But I’m the contestant so I’m supposed to make the first hug move, aren’t I?

Drew Carey points and tells Aurora to go get her new car after winning on The Money Game on The Price is RightOh, I should’ve hugged you by now. Is it too late to hug you? Am I supposed to go over to the car? I saw a woman win earlier. One second I saw her excited. The next she was in the car. Am I supposed to be in the car?

Oh golly, I’m regretting not hugging you. Wait. Am I stuck in place right now? I feel like I can’t even move right. I have no idea where to go. This cannot freaking be real!

Sure enough, I hear Drew tell me to go over to my new car. Thank goodness for that instruction, ’cause I’m pretty sure if no one had said anything I would’ve just stood right in that space in a complete state of shock for 24 hours… or I don’t know, maybe the rest of my life.

So, I run over to the car, and just give a huge bear hug to the first person I see – which is the Manuela (the model). It felt like I hugged her for 10 minutes, though I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that long. I just couldn’t let her go. I had just won a car. (It was a pretty awesome hug, and I wish I would’ve hugged Drew too. (Sorry, Drew!) Gosh, I have the worst luck with the way I treat Drew Carey.)

(I really hope we’re still friends, Drew!)

Drew Carey love tweetI’m sure we are, because get this – (Drew Carey is so cool) – on twitter, someone asked Drew his secret to being so happy. And he said “My goal is constant love and forgiveness. For me and everybody I meet.” (He then tweeted with a follow up, “I fall short a lot, but that’s always my goal.”) Good words to live by…

Back to the story, I ran over to the car. And that’s where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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