I’m In This Month’s Women’s Running Magazine

April 18, 2013

Aurora De Lucia in Women's Running MagazineSo, in case you haven’t seen, I’m in this month’s Women’s Running Magazine!

– which is cool. And I really appreciate them writing up a story.

And in Aubrey’s (the writer’s) defense, I was interviewed pretty much right after I left The Price is Right, so I was totally reeling and possibly not even speaking English.

However, if you read the article, it is rife with errors.

1) It’s written in 1st person. But just so you know, I don’t think I said about 1/2 of this stuff.

2) “My biggest stressors were midterm essays and race-day jitters”? Nope. Don’t think I ever said that. I went to music “school.” I use the term school loosely because while I went to an absolutely world class institution, and I’m super proud I was accepted (and you can learn a ton about music there), it is not a college in the way most people view it. I don’t think I wrote one single midterm essay the whole time I was there. 98% of my projects revolved around software and recording studios. I mean, small error. But still.

(Race-day jitters, I’ll allow. Though I don’t think I’ve ever referred to them as “jitters,” I was pretty nervous for my first half marathon (and my first marathon).

3) My heart condition was not diagnosed at a check-up. If only it had been so simple. No, it was super embarrassingly found out when I passed out in a class full of people. (I think it may have been all guys except me. (Way to show strength for the ladies, Aurora (she says sarcastically).))

4) It wasn’t 18 months in and out of the hospital. It was about 9 months in and out and about 12 months from when I really started feeling sick to when I was cleared to do whatever I wanted.

5) Disney wasn’t my first marathon! I endured a way-too-hard marathon just to make sure that for the rest of my life I would never have to say Disney was my first – and here it is in print to thousands and thousands of readers.

6) It wasn’t magical because of the Disney characters. I actually really like Disney because I think Walk Disney himself is super inspiring. But, I didn’t care about the characters. I cared that my dad was there. I met Joey Fatone (super cool!). I was happy I finished my goal. I was happy to be interviewed by David Baumann, who was incredibly nice. I even loved riding a roller coaster in the middle of that marathon! But, I could take or leave the characters.

7) In the little pink box there – I don’t really think about “bringing my personality to the starting line.” I just bring my personality with me everywhere because how can I not? It’s my personality. It’s part of me. I do believe that running should be fun. I think when she asked me for my best advice, I said something like – “I know running is a science” (As my brain was moving 40 million miles/minute I think I maybe accidentally said that 10 times. It seemed like my annoying new catchphrase.) So, I said, “I know running is a science, and it’s good to make goals and improve and care. But sometimes, it’s easy to get too wrapped up with speed. I never want running to make me unhappy. I try to remember that running is my stress reliever from the roller coaster of my normal life (and working in the entertainment industry). (Yeeeh, it’s rough out there and running is necessary.)

So, when you don’t PR, when you had a rough run, you gotta try to just shake it off. Running is for relief from stress, not to add it.

(I know that advice was too long for the block, though.)

Anyway, I think that pretty much sums it up. I hope that didn’t sound too complain-y. I’m happy they profiled me. That’s very nice of them. But yeah, it’s uh, not really the story of me…

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