Q: Philosophical Price is Right Questions – Is It Okay To Bid $1 Over Someone Else?

April 25, 2013

Aurora De Lucia nervous in contestant's row on The Price is RightWhile we’re on Price is Right questions – I never realized how controversial it is to bid $1 over someone else (until I was on the show, and started paying attention to the show’s Facebook and Twitter profiles.)

Some people think it’s totally unfair, and get pretty mad over people who bid $1 over.

But here’s my question – why?

It is Price is Right strategy 101. I actually yell at the TV when the last person to bid just picks some random number between all of the other people. Why would you guess in the dark when you have 3 other bids to go off of?!

I get being nice to people. Being nice is nice. But The Price is Right is a game! There are automatic advantages/disadvantages built right in. When it’s your first turn up there, you bid first! Chances are, nobody’s taking it easy on you. I was outbid by $1 in my first bid. And I wasn’t mad about it because that is how The Price is Right is played.

And, if you had some amazing bid, and someone outbid you by $1 – if you were 3rd to bid, you’ll go last next time. (And of course, last is always the best spot.)

Aurora De Lucia about to bid in contestants' row on The Price is RightOf course, it doesn’t always work out fairly. If you’re the last person called to contestants’ row, good luck – though I have actually seen people be the last person to be called on down, then guess the exact amount of the prize to get onstage.

Also, sometimes the luck just isn’t in your favor. Poor Tiffy’s dad in my episode was outbid by $1 twice – once by someone 2 away from him, once from the person after him – and he had no chance to go last.

So, it sucks when someone doesn’t have great luck. But, to me that is The Price is Right. And I don’t understand what people on the internet are so upset about. (Though I guess people on the internet get upset about everything…)

I don’t know. Does anyone want to add any thoughts or opinions to this question?

21 thoughts on “Q: Philosophical Price is Right Questions – Is It Okay To Bid $1 Over Someone Else?”

  1. Hi,

    Found your blog entry from another site regarding the Price is Right. I always thought it was mean, but like you stated: it’s a game. Everyone is supposed to be out to win. As long as it’s allowed, by all means, utilize the strategy! Maybe cheap strategy, but it works and it’s allowed. Who really cares what the haters think!? They’re not the ones on stage.

    1. I appreciate your comment. Thanks for reading and joining the conversation!

      But, as you mention “cheap strategy” – which I’ve heard before – I don’t understand why people think it’s cheap. To me, it just is strategy. I guess my question to people who think it’s not necessarily right, is what strategy do you expect people to take?

      (As I said in the post, I wasn’t mad when I went first and someone bid $1 over me. I had to assume that would happen. I’d expect nothing less of the other players.)

      The other thing is, is the other contestants’ bids are giving you ranges. I knew the camcorders could not be much more than $1,200 (if they even were above that at all (which they were)). But, $1,200 started a range that was built by Jeffrey. So, you have to work from what you have. I only had $60 of wiggle room on those cameras – and at the time, I didn’t know if I had $5, $60, or $100 worth of wiggle room.

      So, I suppose my question would be if $1 isn’t okay by some people, what is okay? How much breathing room do you have to give? If I’d given $25 of breathing room, I’d have been okay. If I’d given $100, I would’ve missed out on a brand new car.

      I guess everyone has his or her line of what’s okay and what’s not okay to them. As for me, even before I was a contestant, I would yell at the TV when people who got to bid last, or second to last, made bids way out in left field (unless I felt like the first 2 or 3 bids didn’t make any sense).

    1. They should make contestants write down their bids and then reveal them. That would fix the problem.
      Gord in Canada.

  2. By bidding one dollar over because you can is saying F**K you and knocking out the original bidder.
    It shows poor sportsmanship and even less character. Shame on you

    1. Agreed. I’ve watched this show since the 70s and always thought it was a cheap shot. Especially if the same person keeps doing it over and over. Its not just an internet rage issue and I wonder if CBS has to provide parking lot security to escort out problem bidders. Bob Barker supposedly always liked the strategy but Jonny Olson, the announcer who coined the phrase “Come on down” thought it went against the shows commitment to give contestants an even a fair shake. He thought blind bids were the way to go

  3. To me, bidding $1 more sort of defeats the point of bidding. It’s like..okay, I have a really good idea about the price of this product and I’m really confident that I can win this round. However, the guy next to me has no idea what to bid, and goes, “Welp, time to screw over everyone else.” and bids one dollar more than me. Sooooo, what was the point of me even trying to come up with an educated bid, or even bidding at all if the next guy in line is going to nullify it. I have no chance unless I’m right on the money. Honestly, if I were put in that position, and I had a good feeling that someone would bid one dollar over me, I’d overbid on purpose. If I’m going down I’m taking you with me. Lol

    1. Well, I mean, to each her own, I suppose… I think it’s good game strategy. And I think if you were to overbid on purpose, you may end up hurting someone else – but someone would still get on stage. And it wouldn’t be you, if you’d overbid. So, I’m not 100% sure what the point is in hurting yourself in the hope of hurting someone else… Unless I’m just overreacting to a joke, at which point, don’t mind me, and if so, I’m very very sorry at my inability to read your tone… Oh, internet! 😛

  4. The time is money is the most UN FAIR game to win !!! I love the show & most are reasonable but that game & the one to buy a car for a dollar is so absolutely ridiculous!!! Unbelievable !!!!
    10 seconds , really ? To place items in 10 seconds , then have to run back & forth ?
    So un fair to some constants !!! I think that some of your games are great & most are so un fair!!! I just think it’s wrong !!!
    I watch price is right everyday & get so discouraged cause games are not even !!!!

  5. The game as it stands is unbalanced and unfair to the previous three contestants, though when anyone in the 1-3 spot wins, it’s because they intentionally overbid thinking that it wouldn’t possibly be that number, but just that they thought that it was fair to the other contestants. It almost seems like a big social experiment honestly with how its set up. (“Would You Screw Over Your Fellow Humans for [Insert Product(s) here]).

    Drew’s said himself that he offers condolensces to the ones it happens to.

    They could fix it like so: If they let each of them bid all at once, then show what they’ve bid afterwards, it’d actually require educated guesses or knowledge about the products and give everyone a fair chance. If they ALL overbid, they’d hold the bid a second time, or whomever’s bid was the closest at that point while retaining the “don’t go over” mechanic if only several goof up.

    1. I think as it is, the game still requires some educated guessing. There are obviously often people who go well below or well above what someone else bid, because they’re not relying on that person/assuming that person is right.

      Also, the game does change the order. So, if you were first to bid in one round, you potentially could be last in another. If you were the person who bid right before the winner in one round (and maybe that winner indeed went a dollar over you), you’ll get your change this time.

      As far as the screwing over other fellow humans, I mean, it’s part of the game… If you were playing Monopoly and you landed on Indiana and someone else already owned the other two red properties, wouldn’t you still buy it? Technically you’re “screwing them over” in the moment – but isn’t that just part of strategy/game play?

      Thanks for commenting, and have a great day!

  6. 500$

    I hate these people. I saw someone +1 a girl and win, and the girl literally started crying, like her face was scrunched up and red with tears as the +1 bidder was going nuts like they were on cocaine or something. I’d like to suplex these people through the damn bidding podium, and sever their spinal cord, then set the whole room on fire and watch them trying to crawl out through the flames.

    And then one time, I saw a lady actually bid 1 dollar lower than someone else’s bid…. Like what? Lol

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