The (Awesome) Response To My “Price is Right” Appearance

April 27, 2013

Aurora De Lucia with Drew Carey at The Money Game on The Price is RightYou all are the best ever.

Really, I appreciate you so much.

I cannot even begin to express how much wonderful love came my way after my Price is Right episode.

The texts, the emails, the tweets, all of it – thank you, thank you so much.

I got a text from someone who said they hadn’t had the greatest few days, and watching my Price is Right episode turned their week around – which amazed me, because I would never think that watching someone else win a car could make your week.

I got a tweet from a stranger later in the week who said my game was their favorite they’d seen all week.

A coworker even told me she thought I was the quintessential Price is Right contestant – that if you imagined the very perfect Price is Right contestant and had that person materialize – it would’ve been me. I really appreciated that compliment, and thought it was so sweet.

The love was incredible.

Aurora De Lucia freaking out with her head back on The Price is RightI even got a number of people who said I looked beautiful on The Price is Right! And while, I really try to not focus too, too much on outward appearance – who doesn’t love to feel pretty? (Especially, when if you notice, I was carrying a bit of extra weight. Once I’d gotten home from the 52 half marathons, my body was so tired. I pretty much sat on my butt until the day I went to Price is Right. ;))

Oh, and the people who sent emails or commented that they were enjoying my crazy long play-by-play blog series of the day – thank you for those as well!

Just, generally, thanks to anyone who reached out in any form. All the love just compounded the experience and made it that much more special. So, thank you, thank you, thank you.

A lovely experience. A dream come true. It’s all pretty much beyond words (even though I have used oh-so-many words to talk about it).

2 thoughts on “The (Awesome) Response To My “Price is Right” Appearance”

  1. OMG Aurora!!! I am SOOOOO glad I found your blog about “The Price Is Right”! I found it via the “news” story that appeared on Yahoo! a few weeks ago that “uncovered” the fact that winning on TPIR can be costly. The story made it sound so controversial, when it’s not…it’s just taxes, the fact of American life. Anyway, I went back and read your entire 21-blog tale, and subsequent blogposts, and I’ve loved every single one. You’re the first person I found who put what I felt the day I went on TPIR into comprehensible words. So YES, I too, lived out my lifelong childhood dream of being on the show…and my dream actually was to win the showcase…WHICH I DID!!! It was May 2012, and my entire story is about as amazing as yours, which is why I hung onto every word in each of your blogs. I relived the whole unbelievable experience thanks to you! You captured each moment perfectly, because I pretty much felt the same way during each phase of my TPIR journey. Of course I don’t have time to recap the whole thing here, and unfortunately I don’t have a blog, but I did recap my day in a journal. Maybe I’ll type that out as a “Note” on FB…hmmm. Anyway, THANK YOU so much for sharing all this! It’s been so much fun to read. BTW, I live in LA too (Glendale, to be exact), and I hope to meet you someday. I’m just a regular guy (well, almost…I AM a working actor), happily married, so this isn’t a pickup tactic…although you’re obviously pretty awesome 🙂 We could start like a support group for former TPIR winners, lol. At any rate, God bless you! I appreciate you and your blog.

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for this comment. 🙂

      I agree that I that the surprise or controversiality the article seemed to have was kind of funny and unnecessary. But I do understand how people could underestimate the taxes or possibly not even realize that goods count as income.

      Thanks for the compliments. That’s very kind! I’d love to meet you and your spouse. But you didn’t leave an email address (or twitter) or any way for me to contact you… So I guess I’ll just walk around Glendale asking strangers if they commented on my blog. 😉

      But really, all my contact info is all over the blog if you want to say hi sometime! 🙂

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