Cap City Half Expo

May 4, 2013

Aurora in front of banner

(I know I’m playing a bit of catch up. So, in your mind, transport yourself back to last week.)

Prepare yourself for a riveting blog entry!

I’m kidding, ’cause I basically have nothing to say.

My dad took me to this expo. The theme seems to be “United we run (with Boston).”

Got my bib, got my cool shirt. And we got yet another free shirt from the Ohio Health Expo. Those shirts were bundled with ribbons, which was cute.

I ran into Darris Blackford – race director of the Columbus Half (and full) that I’d done last year. He was working the booth for that race and was cool as always.

Other than that, it was basically same ol’ same ol’ – races I’d seen mentioned at other expos in Ohio last year, and a bunch of nice Ohio people. And it’s on to the race tomorrow!

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