The Ben And Jerry’s Truck Visited Us At Work!

May 19, 2013

Free OMGBenAndJerrys West truck stopping at our offices
(Yep, I got to pose in the truck!)

Twitter makes the day better again!

I know I’m always talking about how awesome twitter is, but that’s because twitter is awesome.

So, I’m sitting at work before the morning people come in. As I’m winding down, I give a little check into what’s going on, on twitter. The Ben and Jerry’s West Truck tweeted out that they’d be around L.A. giving out free Ben and Jerry’s!

I tweeted telling them to come on over and hang out on Sunset Boulevard ’cause we were hungry at TNT.

They didn’t say anything back. I didn’t think anything of it. I was sure they got tons of tweets. So, the morning people got there. I talked with them a bit, then went out to run an errand down the street.

As I was leaving the office down the street about to go home for the day (my night), I got a direct message from the Ben and Jerry’s truck! They asked for my number, then called to ask me if I’d like them to come by.

Heck yes, I would!

When would anyone ever say no to one of her favorite companies offering to come by with a truck full of free food?

The awesome Jana and Dan of Ben and Jerry's truck fame.
The awesome Jana and Dan of Ben and Jerry’s truck fame.

They said they’d be there around noon, and I headed on back to work. I told my boss, co-workers, and basically everyone around that free Ben and Jerry’s would be coming. And I felt really popular and loved.

While waiting for the truck (since my shift was over, but everyone else still had to work (boring, right?)), I hung out in the break room, had a great phone conversation with my friend Jon Rankin – super cool Olympian (I know, amazing, right?), and most importantly, founder of The Run Project. We had a great time catching up. And before you knew it, it was time for the Ben and Jerry’s truck!

Jana and Dan called to tell me they were there. I ran outside to help them decide where to park. Then I ran inside back to tell everyone they were here. We watched out the window as the parked, and we all ran outside for some free Greek Yogurt (which was delicious if I might add).

I was so happy I got to try the new Liz Lemon flavor! I’d read about it, but hadn’t been bold enough to buy a pint. (I guess that’s why the truck is roaming around.)

Not only did they give us free frozen goodness – they gave everybody free Ben and Jerry’s sunglasses!

Then they took some great pictures and tweeted about us! What a day – to be fed and famous!

4 thoughts on “The Ben And Jerry’s Truck Visited Us At Work!”

  1. I love Ben and Jerry’s. I would always get their ice cream when I go to my favorite movie house. The reason why I go to that movie house because they have ben and jerry’s 🙂

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