The End Of “The Office”…

June 1, 2013

The Cast of The Office in the blue background before the finaleBeing that it’s TV week on the blog, I thought this deserved a mention.

However, I doubt I’ve said anything that hasn’t already been said by many.

(*Spoilers, of course)

I watched The Office finale on Hulu during my dinner break at work – and I sobbed like a baby during practically the whole thing. (Thank goodness I was alone in the office.) I had no idea how much energy it was going to take out of me just to watch a television show. My goodness.

I was still a little shaken up when the next shift came in. “Don’t sweat it, day people. I just watched The Office earlier” (wails).

Why was it so super emotional? I’m not totally sure. I thought they did the best writing for Michael Scott’s character possible. And I was so happy to see how happy he was.

Obviously, Pam needed to shape up. I understood her qualms about Jim doing things without consulting her, but there comes a point where no matter how it was done, you have to support your partner’s dreams. Yeah?

Thank goodness that happened. When the show started and they were still in Scranton a year later, I was livid. I thought I was going to hate the episode. The only thing I wanted out of it was for Jim to be working at the company he started (Athlead, which became Athleap in the last episode), and for Jim and Pam to be out of Scranton.

But it ended up happening. And it was nice to see Pam realize how ridiculous she looked in parts of the documentary. (I still love her anyway, even with her ridiculousness at times.)

Aww, look at this early pic.
Aww, look at this early pic.

I thought the Andy thing was very cute and so real. I could’ve easily seen someone breaking down at an audition like that. Of course that would get televised… and of course he would become infamous on YouTube. So, I just thought that was a cute, funny, totally believable storyline.

I definitely cried when Dwight gave the round-up of how he got along with his co-workers. After all these years of thinking he was some out of place weirdo, I easily came to see how he was actually right at home with everyone.

Also, there was a part of me that was emotional for the actors themselves. I know it’s important to always be able to separate reality from fiction. But, I couldn’t help but have a tiny piece of me know that this had been many of those actors’ first big breaks. And they started on this tiny show that they had no idea would take off.

John Krasinski has talked about how he just hoped they’d put the episodes on DVD so he could show them to his family.

The actors had just been working together for so long, and had gone through such a phenomenon together, I was sad for them that it was coming to a close. But I was of course happy for them that it happened.

I think it was a very nice finale. Did you have any thoughts on it?

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