“Inside The Writers’ Room With The Mindy Project” Panel – Ike Barinholtz And Fan Stuff

June 5, 2013

Ike and Mindy together at a different event
Ike and Mindy together at a different event

Ike Barinholtz!

It’s official. I’m a fan.

So, I’ve been watching The Mindy Project since the beginning. And definitely one of the breakout stars on the show is Ike Barinholtz.

He seems really great on the show. Then, I happened to see his twitter through a person I follow. I liked his twitter. (And obviously that’s where people really win my over, ’cause I’m head over heels in love with twitter.)

(By the way, his twitter bio says, “Let’s be friends,” which I love and a little bit want to steal.)

He was funny in the panel. And then he stayed to meet with every person who wanted to meet him. And he totally knew how to work a crowd. I want to be like Ike Barinholtz when I grow up.

First, let’s talk about him on the panel. I love his refreshing honesty. When he was talking about how Mindy said she wanted to find something for him to do on the show, basically said, “I figured it was just that Hollywood bs. Oh, sure I’m gonna have a part for you.”

There is so much bs in Los Angeles! And I love when famous people completely admit it and just call it out.

He’s a really interesting guy. I looked him up a little more once I got home.

I found it really interesting to hear about his time starting out in Cali; his idea that no matter where you are or how far you’ve gotten, there are always new ways for your dreams to be shattered (and on that page, he even talks about originally meeting Mindy through twitter – which is of course the window to many wonderful things); and his views about people of L.A., how it’s like they’re from another planet, and the difference between them and Chicagoans.

Note: Those are all just different pages that I found relevant from the same interview (but you could easily click one and read the whole thing instead of 3 different links).

Moving on to his life-of-the party-ness after the panel, I thought about just heading straight out – I did have to get back to work. But, if people were going to be cool and stick around, I wanted to take the opportunity to meet them.

I ended up meeting Ike with a group of girls that I sort of found my way into. We were basically in a line when he met us all. Ike went down the line, shook hands and said, “It’s nice to meet you” to each person.

When he got to me, to be funny and change it up, he said something like, “You? Not so much.” Then he immediately threw his arms around me in a hug and said he was just kidding.

And this is Matt Warburton. I almost asked for a picture with him, 'cause he's cool (and famous in my world). But, no one else was. So, I felt weird about it (and in the end didn't do it).
And this is Matt Warburton. I almost asked for a picture with him, ’cause he’s cool (and famous in my world). But, no one else was. So, I felt weird about it (and in the end didn’t do it).

Oh my gosh. New best friend much? He was so super cool and awesome. He just has this incredible electric energy, and is totally a person you want to be around – or at least who I want to be around (and also be like if ever there’s a crowd around telling me how great I am). (A girl can dream, right?)

As I was leaving, I said “I love you in the show.” He said, “I love you for saying that.” We’re obviously totally best friends now.

Speaking of new best friends, I also got to meet Matt Warburton. Not to just leave him to the bottom of the post like he’s chopped liver or anything, ’cause he was super cool.

He stuck around for a while and patiently answered every question anyone had. I told him I really enjoyed him on a Simpsons DVD commentary, and he told me what it was like to record one. I thought that was pretty super cool of him.

It seemed like a generally great group of people. that is a writer’s room I certainly would not mind working in.

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