Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

July 17, 2013

Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock

Tomorrow is the season finale of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee! I’d suggest tuning in.

In case you missed my post on falling in love with Jerry Seinfeld all over again –

I just wanted to reiterate how great Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is. My dad started watching it after reading my blog post. And if my dad and I both love it, don’t you think you might too?

There are a lot of great episodes I could point to, but I’ll mention two. The one with Larry David makes me feel like I’m watching an episode of Seinfeld.

In Michael Richard’s episode – first, I loved watching his interaction with Jerry. Second, Michael told an interesting attention-holding story about playing chess.

Another thing I really loved hearing about was Jerry’s feeling on making a show. He said “I don’t accept the judging of process. It doesn’t matter that you like to rehearse with your nose up against the flat… We’re all trying to get to the same island. Whether you swim, fly, surf, or skydive in, it doesn’t matter. What matters is when the red light comes on.”

I think that’s a really lovely sentiment.

Also, when Michael said he looked back and wished he would’ve enjoyed the show more, Jerry said, “Michael, I could say that myself, but that was not our job. Our job is not for us to enjoy it. Our job was to make sure they enjoy it. And that’s what we did.”

I also thought that was so nice.

I loved another one of Jerry’s attitude ideas that came across in this episode as well.

Michael Richards starts talking about how they can’t go around with normal people and he gets out his disguise kit. As they’re walking into the eatery, Michael tells Jerry, “I think you should wear a hat and some sunglasses or something.”

Jerry replies, “Oh, Michael, free yourself. We’re just raindrops on a windshield, Michael. And I just loved that simple response.

Jerry Seinfeld comes across as so unbelievably likable in every thing I’ve ever seen him in. I wish I could go hang out in a car and grab some coffee with him!

But, until that happens, I will oh-so-happily watch his show. And if you’re looking for a new show to check out, maybe you should think about watching it too.

Edited to add:
In the morning, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee was nominated for and Emmy in the Outstanding Special Class – Short-Format Nonfiction Programs category. (Yay!)

And, Stephen Colbert did a fabulous interview with Jerry Seinfeld shortly after this entry posted.

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