Considering Adding A Political Blog

July 19, 2013

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(Btw, I know nothing about the website this came from, but I liked the photo which is why I used it.)

When I sign into WordPress, there’s his pretty prominent row that says, “create a new blog.” The sidebar also has a link saying “create a new blog.”

When I first got WordPress, I remember thinking, “Are you kidding me?!” I have enough trouble keeping up with one blog!” And actually (as you know from rushes of late posts sometimes), that’s still a problem to this day.

“Who in the world would have more than one blog,” I lamented. But now, I am sort of playing with the idea of adding a political blog. I highly doubt there would be daily posts. I don’t think I could keep that up. (And I don’t know that I’d have something to say every single day (though if the news cycle continues the way it’s going, I might!).)

But, I’ve been really glued to the internet lately, watching state Senate proceedings, reading articles, and of course reading politician’s twitter accounts. Some interesting (and outrageous) things have been happening lately. And while I’ve talked politics (or general controversial subjects) on the blog a few times, it’s not my main thing here.

Not that I want to keep my views out of my normal online presence – my views are definitely part of me, and I don’t mind defending them. But, there have been multiple moments over the past few weeks where I read more into an issue and wanted to discuss things I learned, but if I blogged about controversial subjects every time I wanted to, those would be all I’d be blogging about (or at least recently they would’ve been).

Granted, what is my blog really about, anyway? I feel like it kind of meanders, with some random things about my life. I don’t know if anybody’s reading or what you want to be reading about. (Really, what is this blog about?) So, technically I could talk all about politics here if I really wanted. ‘Cause what should I be talking about? And what posts would we be missing out on?

But, I’d feel better about having a specific blog for politics if I really was going to blog about it that much. Then the question becomes, what would be gained from having that blog? Does the world really need another political blog? Do I have some special skill set that makes my opinions valuable? The answers to both of those questions, I think, are no.

I’m not a lawyer or doctor or anything. So, if I’m running my mouth is that adding anything to the internet? Maybe not. But maybe. I like the conversations on twitter. But there are only so many things to say in 140 characters! And conversations could open up more in a long-form medium.

And when I do run for senator or something someday (you never know!), people could easily see the stances I’ve been taking on various issues throughout my adult life. I also think it would be helpful to me to form written (hopefully coherent) thoughts and link to articles as I discuss my stances on things. Heck, I might even learn some actionable ways to help things I view to be injustices. Who knows!

So, the thought of the possibility of another blog is percolating…  Let me know if you have any opinions on whether this would be a good idea! Thanks!

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