The Los Angeles Lethargy

August 11, 2013

Father and SonRecently, I’ve been talking about how I live in Los Angeles and need to figure out how to be busy/happy/fulfilled out here. Today I’m gonna talk about one of the reasons why that can be a struggle.

For one thing, side note from yesterday – it seems as though every time I do actually settle in a place, that’s when they universe seems to say, “Joke’s on you! Time to move!” I think that’s why it’s taken me so very long to even sort of settle into this town.

However, I should settle in so I can tempt the universe. Universe, I dare you. Offer me a job in New York! Offer me a spot in the BMI musical theater workshop. I bought a picture frame. That means, I’m settling into my home, right? Show me what you got, universe!

Anyway, that was just a side note. The real point of this post – Angelinos, do you feel more tired here than you do in other places? I feel like my energy is often being zapped. I contribute that to two things.

For one, everything is SO FAR away from everything else. So far. I’ve said before that I think people in L.A. hang out with each other far, far less than they do in other places. I think it’s in large part because after having a two and a half hour round trip commute each weekday for work (or in the case of some actors, working in all different parts of L.A. and surrounding counties throughout the week), you’re kind of just done.

If someone lives in your building, spectacular. But to venture out into L.A. again, ugh.

And I have no idea what’s so tiring about commuting! We’re not really putting forward a lot of energy – especially me. I’m lucky. I take the train. I don’t even have to concentrate on operating a two-ton machine. So, what’s exhausting about sitting there and reading?

I have no idea, but I feel it.

I think another humongous thing that causes this L.A. lethargy is the sun! The sun is constantly beating down on me. And I feel it taking away my energy. Do you ever feel like when it’s so very hot, you just want to sit inside and wait for night?

homer sleeping in underwear with donuts

I can’t just complain and be lazy my whole life. I’m trying to figure out how to do things that make me happy from home. (There’s a lot of work that can be done through a computer.)

I’m sucking it up and just going out sometimes on the weekend (in the sun and everything!). I find that it makes it easier if I don’t think about how much time it takes to get somewhere, or how far away it is – and instead think of how excited I am to read a book.

As far as dealing with the sun, I just try to lather/layer on protection and always drink more water. I do my best to do things at night instead of during the day (’cause the day is killer). I find the sun to be much more of a problem than distance.

I’m also really trying to exercise more (at night of course), ’cause I know that helps with energy. And it does. But the sun is one formidable adversary.

I thought I’d grow out of this L.A. lethargy, getting used to it the longer I lived here. But I’m absolutely still not used to it, and I’m still not impervious to that hot, hot sun. I see a lot of the people I know out here affected in the same exhausted way.

Is lazy exhaustion just part of living here?

2 thoughts on “The Los Angeles Lethargy”

  1. I’d give my left arm for the sun to shine sometimes. I live in WA, and while it is quite nice right now in the summer time, it is a different story in winter, when we are lucky if we see the sun for 15 minutes a month. Ok, that is totally an exaggeration, but it feels like it sometimes. When it rains all the time, I feel tired all the time. It is probably why people in WA drink so much coffee. 🙂 It is really funny for me to hear someone talk about the sun in the way we talk about the rain here. It all depends on where you live, and each part of the country has its own positives and negatives. ANd I totally agree with you. Commuting is exhausting! I am so glad that I work from home, because in my area if you want to go anywhere…even to the mall 7 miles away, you are going to be spending at least 30 minutes in the car. YUCK!

    1. So funny to hear that, Kelly. I practically throw a parade every time we get some rain here. 🙂 (And I really love Washington.)

      And yeah, what is it that’s so tiring about commuting? Weird. 😛

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