What Did I Do With My Price is Right Prizes? – Part 1 (The Car)

August 28, 2013

I’ve already mentioned in multiple places that I sold the car. So, I don’t think any of you are on the edge of your seats.

I’d decided in the Price is Right line before I even went on the show that if somehow I won a car, I’d sell it. While killing time, my friends and I were discussing hypotheticals.

In the scenario in which I’d win a car, I was all, “I will just see a big pile of cash on the stage. That’s all a car will be to me.”

And that’s basically all it was.

I looked into a few options. Carmax seemed like the safest one. Cars on Craigslist or Ebay… I heard too many meh stories to make me think those might not be the greatest ideas. (But I have no personal experience selling a car through those channels, so what do I know?)

Why chance it when Carmax would be simple, fast, and fair (from everything I’d heard about it)?

As I mentioned, you’d have to hold onto the car for about two weeks anyway (or however long it takes you to get the title in the mail). Well before the end of two weeks (or even two hours), I learned I didn’t need to sell it to Carmax

Within minutes of my show airing, my mom and grandparents were already starting in with, “We have to keep the Price is Right car in the family!”

About a week after my show aired, my mom and sister flew out to California and drove the car back to the midwest.

The car was titled in a family member’s name as soon as I had the title to transfer. It’s no longer registered in California. So, it’s definitely and officially not at all my car now.

But, it’s nice that I can still drive it on occasion when I visit.

In case I haven’t convinced you already that selling the car was a good idea – I have one more post tomorrow about taxes not being the only expense with a new car.

(I know it’s not my job to convince you, but I also know many people think I’m crazy for selling the car. So I just want to make the decision as understandable as possible.)

Again, I want to reiterate in every post I can that this was a dream come true and in no way am I at all ungrateful. I’m just making what I believe to be smart (and maybe even responsible, you’d say) decisions for my specific situation. (For others, keeping the car might be the perfect way to go…)

2 thoughts on “What Did I Do With My Price is Right Prizes? – Part 1 (The Car)”

  1. TPIR car is awesome! Every time I get in the car I think about you winning it and it brings me joy! I still cannot get over your amazing day on TPIR and I DO watch it occasionally – STILL!

    1. I can’t get over it either, and I just watched it again the other day. 🙂

      Glad you’re enjoying the car! It really is a fabulous vehicle.

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