My Appearance In The 1 vs. 100 Mob – Part 1 (Getting Cast)

September 2, 2013


Did you know I was actually on another game show before I was on Price is Right?

I was in the mob of 1 vs 100 on Game Show Network – for 37 episodes. I won a grand total of $40.15.

In 2010, when I was out here working on America’s Got Talent, I made it onto the GSN version of 1 vs. 100.

1 vs 100 was a show I’d really liked a lot on NBC. So, I was excited to hear they were bringing it back on the Game Show Network.

I tried out, but didn’t hold my breath. Just living my life not thinking about it. My sublet I was staying in ended when AGT ended (in the middle of the month).

My next sublet wasn’t starting until the beginning of the following month, so I went up to Seattle and stayed with my uncle to ride out that in between time – enjoying some nice relaxing time with family after a long summer.

I don’t remember exact times frames, but I think it was after about a week and a half in Seattle, 1 vs 100 called me way sooner than I ever expected and asked if I could come in the next day.

“Uh, what?!”

They were so sweet and made it sound like they really wanted me. At first, I actually declined. “I’m sorry. I’m not coming home for another 5 days or so. It’ll be expensive to change my plane ticket. I just don’t think it’s a smart idea.”

(If I’d been the contestant who gets to be the one, I would’ve done it in a heartbeat, assuming I would’ve made enough money to make it worth it. But being in mob, you’re in a lot less control and have a lot less possible money available to you.)

But after calling a couple of people to relay the phone call that had just happened, I was easily convinced that it’s not everyday you get invited on a game show. (Thank goodness there were people there to talk sense into me.)

I had to throw caution to the wind and do it.

We weren’t guaranteed a certain number of episodes. And I knew that with the top prize going down from a million to $50,000 since we were moving to cable –

and me being in the mob instead of an individual player –

it very likely was not going to be a big money-making opportunity.

But I just did it anyway, because I adore game shows.

Though I do remember feeling every so slightly bummed, thinking, “Why wasn’t I special enough to be the one? What is it about me that makes them think I should be in the 100 instead of being the star?”

But, a lot goes into casting. And since I had a group (I was in the Mensa group), I might’ve just been a puzzle piece they needed.

Speaking of my group, it was funny. We had to totally dress the (somewhat stereotypical, though I totally understand it) part. They asked me to wear glasses even though they knew I don’t wear glasses, even to read or for any reason.

But if you see me on that show, I’m wearing glasses and some smart person sweater – which I do not mind in the least. I love playing dress up and acting. So, I was more than happy to go along with it and play their little Mensa nerd. And I actually thought I looked kind of cute in glasses (maybe not in that photo specifically, but sometimes), if I do say so myself.

And on that conceited note, I’ll leave off and pick up tomorrow.

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